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Chapter 3366: What Can You Do For Him? (1)

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Sensing powerful energy assaulting her senses, Huang Yueli’s expression turned solemn.

Li Leyun was indeed one of God Realm’s top geniuses. In terms of power, she was indeed higher by two levels than Lan Mengqing!

Lan Mengqing was merely in Dream Profound Realm peak whereas Li Leyun had just advanced into Heart Profound Realm. Although her cultivation had not stabilized, she had stepped into a large realm. So there was an obvious leap in her ability.


Adding that her actual combat ability was also relatively outstanding, her move made Huang Yueli feel threatened!

This woman who self-professed that she was Li Moying’s fiancée… she’s indeed not so simple!

Huang Yueli instantly worked up the Profound Energy in her body as she prepared to respond to her attack seriously!

After all, she was younger than Li Leyun by more than 10 years. Facing this kind of powerful genius-level opponent, if she didn’t exert all her effort, it would be difficult for her to gain victory.

However, just as Huang Yueli’s aura had reached its peak and was about to fight back…

“Young Miss Leyun, quickly stop!”

A terrified voice was heard from the rood and at the same time, a black figure descended from the sky. He blocked himself in front of Huang Yueli.

He waved his right hand and also summoned thunder-attributed energy.

Both Profound Energies crashed heavily in the air and the person who just joined in was at a disadvantage. He staggered back a few times.

Huang Yueli was almost going to strike back so she wasn’t expecting anyone to jump out. It gave her a huge shock.

She hurriedly retracted her moves, widened her eyes to take a look, and realized that this fellow who suddenly popped out was the leader of Li Moying’s bodyguard, Li Tianyi.

Moreover, following Li Tianyi’s appearance, five to six guards also jumped down from the roof and maintained a defensive stance, blocking themselves in front of Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli’s shock only lasted for a few moments. Shortly after, she started to understand what was going on.

Her husband did not bring Li Tianyi along to handle his matter. Instead, he asked the guards to stay in the surroundings of the mansion to protect her. He got them to secretly hide and they should only appear when she was in danger.

As for the reason…

According to Li Moying’s style of doing things, Huang Yueli deduced that he was afraid that she would interrogate his guards!

After all, when they were in the Lower Realm, Huang Yueli had always loved to fish information out from his subordinates.

This man… why is he so black-bellied? Huang Yueli pouted in displeasure, totally unaware that she was also a black-bellied person. She was no different from her husband at all…

On the other hand, Li Leyun didn’t expect someone to pop out and save Huang Yueli.

Both parties exchanged a blow, but Li Leyun wasn’t totally unharmed.

When Li Leyun came to her senses, her face turned sinister when she realized that the person was Li Tianyi.

“Senior Brother Tianyi, it’s you! You… why are you protecting this slut? Didn’t you hear the news in the clan? Brother Moying and I are already engaged! I’m your future Young Madam. How dare you not stand on my side, but stand on this wretched lass’s side instead?”

Li Leyun simply could not believe that such a thing would happen!

Before Li Tianyi became Li Moying’s subordinate, he had a pretty high status in Cloudy Qilin Clan too.

He didn’t have a lowly background, and his innate talent was also heaven grade. But he wasn’t as devilishly powerful as Li Leyun.

If not for this, he would not become the guard leader for the future Patriarch.

Although a guard doesn’t seem like an important position, that was merely on the surface.