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Chapter 3365: Fiancée? What A Joke (8)

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The majority of these guards were in Heart Profound Realm cultivations whereas, under the help of the Sky Phoenix Ring, Huang Yueli seemed as if her cultivation was only in Dream Profound Realm early-phase.

They assumed confidently that under such a disparity of cultivation levels, Huang Yueli definitely would not have any place to hide. So capturing her was of no issue at all.

Whoever knew that Huang Yueli’s body movements were astonishingly fast.


The guards outstretched their hands several times, but Huang Yueli managed to slip away from them easily.

Seeing that, Li Leyun assumed that the guards weren’t willing to help her, so she shouted exasperatedly, “What’s wrong with you guys? Can’t you even capture a lass in Dream Profound Realm? Hurry up and throw her out!”

The guards perked themselves up after hearing her words and showed their true abilities, hoping to capture Huang Yueli in one go.

However, Huang Yueli’s body movements were just too fast. She only turned a few rounds and easily escaped from their encirclement.

Never in the guards’ wildest dreams did they expect Huang Yueli to be so difficult to manage. Four to five Heart Profound Realm practitioners worked together, but none of them could lay a finger on her at all.

Seeing that she was about to escape, all of them did not dare to dawdle and hurriedly chased after her.

But they merely ran a few steps when something suddenly tripped them. They staggered a few times and abruptly fell to the ground.

The guards were stunned, but before they could react, an air-breaking sound came from their backs.

A fierce murderous Qi swiftly attacked them!

They knew the situation was terrible and subconsciously rolled a few times on the ground.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh—”

Dozens of cold air flew over their heads!

The guards looked forward while shaking in fear and instantly broke out in cold sweat!

Dozens of feather arrows were plunged onto a large, lush tree trunk. Moreover, the tails of those arrows were still shaking. The strength used to shoot out these arrows was extremely strong and that was why the remnant strength used to shoot them had not been dispelled yet.

The guards were so shocked that their legs turned soft. All of them remained immobile for some time.

Li Leyun’s eyes squinted slightly after her shock. “These mechanisms… Brother Moying actually told you, this little slut, about the locations of the mansion’s mechanisms!”

This kind of important mechanism with such power wouldn’t normally be revealed to others by the mansion’s owner because it would be used to save their lives when there was no other way!

Huang Yueli leaned slightly against a pillar with her arms crossed. She smiled faintly and said, “This is me and my husband’s residence, and I am the mistress of this house. Why would I not know the distribution of the house’s mechanisms? Also, I’ve reminded you many times already. You’re much other than my husband, so can you stop trying to act cute and call him Brother Moying?”

Huang Yueli was amused. These mechanisms were originally set up by herself, so even Li Moying would not know as much as her!

Li Leyun’s anger rose when she heard that.

Turning back, she saw those guards still sprawled on the ground with pale complexions. Apparently, they had been scared stiff by those mechanisms.

“Useless things!”

Li Leyun scolded them fiercely and suddenly turned around to attack Huang Yueli on her own!

Li Leyun was indeed one of the more outstanding talented practitioners among the younger generation, and her ability was relatively outstanding.

While she waved her hand, strong thunder attributed energy filled the air. Numerous lightning bolts descended from the air as they struck directly above Huang Yueli’s head!

Li Leyun clenched her teeth and used all her energy in this blow. She was determined to inflict a serious injury on Huang Yueli!