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Chapter 3367: What Can You Do For Him? (2)

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Clever people knew that those who could become the Young Lord’s trusted aides like Li Tianyi and the others would become Elders with real power when the Young Lord became the Patriarch. They might even become the Patriarch’s right-hand men.

To the younger generation whose innate talents were the most outstanding, it could be said that this was the biggest chance for them.

Li Tianyi got this position relying on the power from his branch.


Of course, after he became Li Moying’s personal bodyguard, his status in the clan was elevated.

In Li Leyun’s eyes, Li Tianyi was a clansman from the Cloudy Qilin Clan. So he should share the same viewpoint as her and should work together with her to get rid of Huang Yueli for the clan’s benefit.

Li Tianyi’s ability was weaker than Li Leyun’s. When he struck out hurriedly earlier, he managed to ward off the attack on Huang Yueli’s behalf. However, he sustained some severe injuries and blood was trickling down from the corner of his lips.

However, his expression remained unchanged. He didn’t even lift his hand to wipe off the blood on his lips.

“Young Miss Leyun, This Subordinate is under Young Lord’s orders to protect Young Madam’s safety. You are a noble young lady from our clan, so This Subordinate does not want to become enemies with you. Please leave this place now!” Li Tianyi cupped his hands at Li Leyun.

Li Leyun was in total disbelief as the shock on her face was unconcealable.

“Senior Brother Tianyi, what’s the matter with you? You’re asking me to leave? The one who should scram is this little slut! Also, how would Brother Moying possibly ask you to protect this wretched lass? You… don’t even try to deceive me! Shouldn’t you be following Brother Moying around?”

Asking a man of Li Tianyi’s status to protect a Lower Realm country bumpkin lass like Huang Yueli?

No matter how much Li Leyun thought, she still felt that it was impossible. Her instincts told her that Li Tianyi was lying to her!

Li Tianyi frowned. Seeing Li Leyun’s persistent manner, he started to become impatient.

As he was responsible to stay by Huang Yueli’s side over the past few days, Li Tianyi knew clearly how astonishing her innate talent in armament refining and the former’s true ability was.

So the intense shock that Li Tianyi felt was no less than when he met Li Moying for the first time.

There was really another genius who was as powerful as his Young Lord in this world!

Recognizing this point, Li Moying’s guards also acknowledged Huang Yueli.

If they had a say, they felt that only this kind of talented young lady was a match made in heaven with their Young Lord!

Li Leyun might have a reputation as a talented young lady in God Realm, but as compared with Huang Yueli… there was honestly no way to compare them at all!

The only thing was Li Tianyi could not say these kinds of words directly.

He thought for a moment and said, “Young Miss Leyun, This Subordinate is now the Young Lord’s subordinate. No matter what Young Lord’s instructions are, I have to follow them accordingly and will not make my own decision. Young Lord has already announced Young Madam’s status to everyone and even strictly instructed This Subordinate to protect Young Madam at all costs… none of the above are falsified! Will Young Miss Leyun please don’t act so disrespectfully to Young Madam? Otherwise, This Subordinate will not be able to take into account our past relationship and must act on Young Lord’s orders as a priority!”

Li Tianyi had once been enlightened by the same Initiation Master as Li Leyun. So in that way, they were considered to be in a Senior Brother and Junior Sister relationship.

So that was why he explained so much patiently.

He explained Li Moying’s instructions clearly, hoping that Li Leyun could understand Li Moying’s stand and stop her silly antics further.