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Chapter 3359: Fiancée? What A Joke (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Huang Yueli pouted with his reaction.

“Moying, you are actually daydreaming? I said so much earlier but you’re not listening at all!”

When Li Moying saw his little fox biting her lips and putting up an extremely pitiful look, he immediately pulled her into his arms and quickly apologized, “Li’er, it’s my fault. I had gone into a daze while thinking of something. But I heard everything you said earlier. Congratulations on selling all the illustrations. My Li’er is so amazing! This Husband will have to rely on you for a living in the future…”


Huang Yueli snorted heavily when she heard him. She stretched out a finger and poked his chest.

“Since you know that you have to rely on me for a living, how dare you still daydream when you’re talking to me! Explain yourself, what exactly were you thinking about? Did something happen this afternoon when you met the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Divine Generals?”

As she spoke, she stared fixedly at Li Moying with that pair of big, watery eyes without blinking, not missing out on any change in his expression.

Li Moying was startled and realized that he had lost his composure tonight.

But he was a deep and calm person by nature. He intentionally camouflaged his expression to ensure there wasn’t any flaw in his expression.

“Li’er, you’re really overthinking things.” He showed a helpless smile and said, “I was distracted for a moment because I simply couldn’t believe that Grandmaster Xiao, a Sky Gem Grandmaster who didn’t bother about the secular things in the world, is so thorough when he’s doing business. I was just a little surprised…”

“Oh? Really?” Huang Yueli blinked and looked at her husband suspiciously.

The glow in Li Moying’s eyes darkened slightly and he lowered his head to kiss her cheek. His warm breath sprayed against her earlobe and he laughed in a deep voice, “Li’er, you look so cute when you’re so suspicious, and it makes me feel like kissing you. What should I do?”

Huang Yueli’s face turned red. “Hey, you… what rubbish are you talking about? Have your dinner! We’re still in the middle of our dinner!”

Li Moying’s muscular, long arms had already wrapped around her waist.

“Dinner? Aren’t you already full since long ago? But I’m still hungry, so it should be your turn to feed me…” Li Moying said ambiguously as his soft laughter rang in her ears.

He subconsciously glanced at the plate on the table.

Huang Yueli had already eaten her fill earlier but as they were talking about the events during the day, they became too excited and they were still seated at the dining table.

At this moment, Li Moying swept Huang Yueli off her feet easily and stood up.

Huang Yueli almost fell backward and hurriedly grabbed his collar.

“Y…Y…You… where are you going? Let me down!”

“I’m bringing you to celebrate the happy occasion that happened today!”

Li Moying clasped his hand around her waist tightly and carried her straight towards the bedroom.

Huang Yueli’s lips twitched as she thought, “Celebrate? Celebrate my head!”

Ever since she had gotten married to Li Moying, they didn’t consummate initially so she was indeed rather innocent for some time. After she came to God Realm, Li Moying used various reasons and got her into bed.

Now, she was extremely experienced. How would she possibly not know that her cold and aloof-looking husband, who gave off an abstinence temperament, was actually a big, bad wolf!

She dangled her feet hard, trying to jump out of Li Moying’s arms.

“No need, we don’t need to celebrate over this small thing. I still have to research the proposal for future collaboration!”