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Chapter 3360: Fiancée? What A Joke (3)

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Li Moying laughed softly and said, “That’s not urgent… Since This Husband had neglected my dear wife today and made you unhappy, I naturally have to help you celebrate this to make up for my mistake…”

“No need to make up for it. There’s really no need… mm mm mmmph!”

“My dear wife, you’re too kind. Let me give you a kiss…”


The two’s squabbling voices vanished behind the bedroom doors.

In the courtyard, Li Tianyi and Li Tianer looked at each other in dismay.

“So, Young Lord says he had a way to settle Young Madam and it turns out to be using… the beauty trap!” Li Tianer was tongue-tied.

Li Tianyi had been responsible for following Huang Yueli around recently so he knew a little more about how this young couple interacted.

He replied expressionlessly, “Otherwise… what did you think it was?”

“I thought… this, this…” Li Tianer couldn’t say a word for a long time.

But Li Tianyi could understand what he meant without him explaining.

Before he saw it with his own eyes, he also assumed that even if that peerless genius Young Lord who appeared only in tens of thousands of years was very respectful to Young Madam, there would be a limit to it. At least if it was something like today’s matter, he would definitely get Young Madam to make some sacrifices to coordinate with him.

Whoever knew that after Young Lord returned home, not only did he not say anything. Even though Young Madam could tell that something was wrong and kept asking him about it, he stood firm and refused to talk about it.

Seeing that he couldn’t get past her questioning, he actually… used the beauty trap instead??

Could it be that Young Lord relied on his handsome looks in front of Young Madam to get his way!

Huang Yueli slept until mid-noon before she got up from bed on the second day.

This was simply because Li Moying was too clingy and kept saying he wanted to have a baby with her!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli stretched out her little hand from under the blanket, patted her flushed face, and attempted to lower her temperature.

Of course, she also liked to have a baby.

But she heard something long ago that the higher one’s innate talent and cultivations were, the harder it was to conceive a baby. It was exactly this reason that all the top exponents in God Realm could live for a few thousand years, but few had descendants. They were very different from ordinary people from the Lower Realm, or perhaps they couldn’t even be compared with mere mortals.

Especially for people like her and Li Moying, who had the God clan’s bloodline and were god grade geniuses. It was possible for them to have a baby, but they would probably need some luck and a chance. It wasn’t like they could have it if they wanted to.

“This man… he really does something the moment it comes to mind…”

Huang Yueli ridiculed him silently and climbed onto the bed.

When she walked out after refreshing up, she heard a piece of surprising news, and that was— Li Moying was out again!

“Moying went out today again? Where did he go?” Huang Yueli asked curiously.

The maid bowed and replied, “Young Lord didn’t mention that.”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly and asked, “Then what about Li Tianyi?”

“Young Master Tianyi went out with Young Lord as well…”

Huang Yueli rose an eyebrow, instinctively feeling that something was not quite right.

Ever since they came to Medial Arch City, Li Moying had assigned Li Tianyi to her. Almost every single time she went out, Li Tianyi would be responsible for her safety. That was the default setting.

Now, Li Moying suddenly took Li Tianyi along with him…

Could it be that Li Moying had already found out about the time when Li Tianyi had secretly snitched on him?