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Chapter 3314: Li Moying Is Already Married (5)

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This was something that would never happen before the banquet.

Jing Shaoyuan had always valued his fiancée highly, so he wouldn’t be unconcerned about her injury. This made Lan Mengqing feel slightly uneasy.

But when she recalled that Jing Shaoyuan had even given her the valuable Dark Blossom Revitalizing Pill, she felt at ease.

“Looks like Shaoyuan had suffered a huge blow this time. That’s why he can’t wait to cultivate and train hard to surpass Li Moying!”

After Lan Mengqing sorted out her thoughts, she returned to Empyrean Fox Clan’s manor.

However, she had just reached the place when the female attendant came to report.

“Young Miss, there’s a Young Miss Li outside who claims she’s your friend. She says she came specially to visit you. May I know…”

“Young Miss Li?” Lan Mengqing was stunned.

She indeed knew a lot of young ladies surnamed Li. After all, the entire Cloudy Qilin Clan’s descendants all bore the surname Li!

But those who dared to claim that she was her friend would only be those few heaven grade geniuses.

However, it was just half a year before the God Realm Tournament. She heard that the majority of various clans’ core disciples were in their clan undergoing group training. Who had the time to run about and even to look for her?

“I’ll go take a look.”

Lan Mengqing went to the guest room and cried out in surprise, “Li Leyun, it’s you! Why have you come to Blessed City?”

The person who came was Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Clan Leader’s niece, Li Leyun.

After Li Moying left her in Sacred Phoenix Continent’s Flame Square City, she didn’t know where Li Moying went. So she went around like a headless flying, trying to find out news about his whereabouts. However, she was still baffled.

It was until a few days ago when she unintentionally saw an allied armies notice on the streets.

It said that the peerless genius Li Moying from Cloudy Qilin Clan and Jun Sihan from Veracious Wyvern Clan had joined hands to kill a Sky Devil mid-phase top exponent in Blessed City’s frontline.

According to the allied armies’ usual practice, whenever a major incident like any top exponents killing a Sky Devil mid-phase and above practitioner, they would spread the news to tell the world to lift the morale in the entire God Realm.

So this notice was posted in various cities. Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Li Moying’s reputation had spread throughout the world within a few days.

Of course, that also allowed Li Leyun to finally understand where Li Moying had gone.

“It’s really strange. Why did Brother Moying go to Blessed City for no particular reason? Is he intending to go on experience training in the allied armies to seek a breakthrough? But he’s just been there for a couple of days and managed to kill a Sky Devil mid-phase strong exponent. If the Elders in the Clan find out, they will be elated!”

Li Leyun immediately decided to hurry over to Blessed City and look for Li Moying.

She was thinking wishfully.

“Brother Moying went to the army on experience learning, so I can also do the same. This reason is sufficient so he can’t chase me away! Anything can happen on the frontline. By then, we can fight next to each other and this will allow us to develop feelings for each other easily…”

With this idea in mind, Li Leyun instantly boarded her flying ship and arrived in Blessed City quickly.

But unfortunately, she was still too late.

On the morning of her arrival, Li Moying had just set off with Huang Yueli to Medial Arch City.

Li Leyun didn’t manage to catch him and was feeling melancholic when she suddenly recalled that she had an old acquaintance who followed her fiancé to stay in Blessed City. That person was Lan Mengqing.

So she specially made a trip to look for Lan Mengqing to get some information.

At this moment, hearing Lan Mengqing’s question, Li Leyun immediately said, “I am on an experience learning trip and happened to pass by Blessed City. I remembered that you are here, so I came specially to visit you.”