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Chapter 3315: Li Moying Is Already Married (6)

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“Visit me?” Lan Mengqing was slightly surprised as she rose an eyebrow.

She and Li Leyun weren’t best female friends or anything along that line. Although they were friends, it was more like acquaintances who would nod when they meet.

In reality, the two of them couldn’t stand the sight of each other.

The reason was among the 12 God Clans, there were only that many outstanding talented young ladies who were the cream of the crop in that pool of heaven grade geniuses.

If it must be spelled out clearly, Li Leyun was the real deal. She belonged to the top rated female geniuses whereas Lan Mengqing’s innate talent and ability were a distance away from hers. However, she was placed on the same level because of her engagement with Jing Shaoyuan.

Li Leyun had always looked down on Lan Mengqing because she felt that the latter relied on a man to get to this position.

As for Lan Mengqing, she didn’t like Li Leyun as well. In her opinion, it didn’t matter if the latter’s innate talent was very high because she was going to be engaged to a useless man anyway.

So when Li Leyun actually came to look for her at this moment and even said that she had specially come to find her… Lan Mengqing didn’t believe her at all.

Li Leyun wasn’t bothered if she believed her or not. Her real intention on this trip wasn’t really to catch up with her anyway.

Other than trying to get information, she was here to mock Lan Mengqing.

After the two of them exchanged conventional greetings, Li Leyun couldn’t help but ask, “Sister Lan, I heard that you had always remained by your fiancé Young Master Jing’s side. Why didn’t I see him today?”

Lan Mengqing was stunned and she frowned slightly.

This question was poking at her sore spot!

But her expression didn’t give her away. She smiled composedly and said, “Oh, you came so untimely. My Shaoyuan had already gone into closed door seclusion ten days ago.”

“Oh? Why did he go into closed door seclusion at this time?”

Len Mengqing explained, “Isn’t the God Realm Tournament going to start in half a year? My Shaoyuan wants to shock everyone at the tournament and get a good ranking. So when it’s time to send the betrothal gifts to the Empyrean Fox Clan, it will look good on him!”

As she said, she rose her chin proudly.

Facing Li Leyun, a talented young lady whose innate talent was much higher than herself, Lan Mengqing habitually involved Jing Shaoyuan as a topic.

Don’t assume that these young ladies have not bad innate talents, they were still at an age where love was starting to blossom for these young ladies. Every single time Lan Mengqing mentioned how outstanding her fiancée was or how loving they were, even if the other party refused to say anything, they would also silently feel jealous.

Once, Li Leyun was also one of the young ladies who silently felt jealous.

But now, hearing Lan Mengqing mentioning this in front of her once again…

Li Leyun’s lips curled into a disdainful smile and said this intentionally, “I see. It’s such a coincidence for Young Master Jing to go into closed door seclusion on that day! I heard that 10 days ago, our Young Lord from Cloudy Qilin Clan was in Blessed City, and he was even commentated by the allied armies for killing a Sky Devil mid-phase top exponent! I hear that the allied armies Headquarters even sent an 8-star Divine General to encourage him!”

“I heard that Blessed City’s Divine General Meng even invited all the military officers above the ranks of Commanders to attend the banquet at his residence. Sigh, why would Young Master Jing go into closed door cultivation on such a good day? If it wasn’t so coincidental, the two of you will be able to attend that banquet too! I didn’t make it in time to Blessed City, so I was upset for a very long time!”

Hearing that, Lan Mengqing’s expression contorted in an instant!