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Chapter 3313: Li Moying Is Already Married (4)

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God knew how many people envied his Young Master for being able to assume the post of Divine Lieutenant at his age!

Jing Shaoyuan had always been proud of this. But why did he suddenly… not want to do it anymore?

Jing Shaoyuan’s lips curled into a sneer. “It’s just a mere Divine Lieutenant… what is that? A genuine peerless genius just needs to kill a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner and he will be able to rise from an ordinary soldier to a Divine General! All the hard work at accumulation only proves that the differences in ability between people are too wide!”

The aged steward completely could not understand what he was saying. But hearing his fierce tone, his heart quivered silently!

“Young… Young Master?”

Jing Shaoyuan did not notice the aged steward’s situation. The events that happened at tonight’s banquet were still repeating themselves in front of his eyes!

He thought, “So, it isn’t only Li Moying who’s such a genius. Even his wife…”

“Even a mere woman can climb over my head!”

Jing Shaoyuan’s expression instantly became twisted as his fists pounded hard against the door frame. The aged steward was so shocked that he almost jumped.

“Looks like I’ve been too complacent in the past two years, and that’s why I had been surpassed by two Lower Realm ascenders. From today onwards, I will officially go into closed door cultivation. I will not meet any guests until the start of the God Realm Tournament! Did you hear me clearly?”

The aged steward was stunned and hurriedly nodded. “Yes, I understand! Young Master is going into closed door cultivation to prepare for the God Realm Tournament!”

Jing Shaoyuan flashed a cold smile and said, “That’s right.”

The look in his eyes instantly turned incisive. “Li Moying, just you wait! You might be stronger than me now, but when it’s time for the God Realm Tournament, I will let you know how strong the geniuses in God Realm are!”

The aged steward was prepared to leave after he received the instructions.

Suddenly, Jing Shaoyuan called out to him again.


“Young Master, what other instructions do you have?”

“Empyrean Fox Clan’s Young Miss Lan Mengqing was injured during the banquet. The injury she sustained was because of me, so I brought her back and left her in the guest room. Bring the Dark Blossom Revitalizing Pill that I’ve been storing to her and let her take it. Make sure she rests well and you must attend to her carefully. Understand?”

“Ughh, yes… This Servant understands…”

The Dark Blossom Revitalizing Pill was an extremely high level Spirit Pill. The White Tiger Clan had given this pill to Jing Shaoyuan for life-saving purposes. The steward didn’t expect Jing Shaoyuan to give it to Lan Mengqing.

But the aged steward could only agree to it despite feeling astonished.

As for attending to Lan Mengqing carefully, even without Jing Shaoyuan’s instructions, no one would dare to neglect her. After all, she was Jing Shaoyuan’s fiancée!

Ever since that day, Jing Shaoyuan started to go into closed door cultivation.

This news was sent to the Divine General residence, and Meng Shurong remained silent for a while.

Following that, he chuckled and shook his head. “That’s good as well. Shaoyuan, this lad, is indeed a little frivolous. Now that he had suffered a blow, he finally knows how to work hard. Perhaps it might do good for his cultivation, so let him be!”

As for Lan Mengqing, she regained consciousness the next day after taking the Dark Blossom Revitalizing Pill.

As she took such a high level Spirit Pill, Lan Mengqing felt a faint increase in her cultivation. The bottleneck which she had been stuck at for several years was starting to loosen and she felt that she might advance into Heart Profound Realm any moment.

This made Lan Mengqing jump for joy, as though it was a blessing in disguise.

But there was something that made her feel regretful.

After Jing Shaoyuan went into closed door cultivation, he really refused to meet anyone. Even after she regained consciousness, he did not visit her at all.