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Chapter 3306: Huang Yueli’s Military Merits (3)

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But these words came from Li Moying’s mouth.

Everything that happened today had proved that this young couple, Li Moying and Huang Yueli, could do something that could make one astonished!

All those who didn’t believe in them would be left with a hard slap on their faces.

Even though Meng Shurong was extremely astonished, he didn’t say anything like “impossible”. Instead, he proceeded to ask Huang Yueli about the exact details.

Huang Yueli immediately shook her head and emphasized.

“I wasn’t the only one who killed him alone. Xia Yunxi and I were the lead, and we brought along a group of soldiers to coordinate with us! Moreover, Sky Devil Rui Xuan had already crossed hands with Divine Lieutenant Li once. Hence he was already heavily injured. Otherwise, it’s impossible for us to kill him!”

Huang Yueli explained the situation practically and realistically to them.

But even though she sounded very truthful and even reiterated several times that she was in under extremely favorable conditions, everyone was still stunned by the amazing feat that she had accomplished!

Killed a Sky Devil!

To most of the practitioners, this was something they did not even dare to imagine for their entire lifetimes!

Even for God Realm’s top-rated exponent like Xuan Jiuling, who had killed several Sky Devil peak state practitioners, his first time killing a Sky Devil was only after he advanced into Heart Profound Realm peak state.

Hence, it was already unimaginable for people like Li Moying, who were in Heart Profound Realm mid-stage to kill a Sky Devil.

What more for Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi… who were only in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase?

No matter what kind of chance encounters they had before they could achieve this, the most important thing was they did it. Just based on this, it was enough to make everyone marvel!

Meng Shurong was so shocked that he couldn’t say a single word.

Xuan Jiuling, on the other hand, was an experienced Dao Profound Realm top exponent. It only took him a few moments to regain his senses.

“Even if Sky Devil Rui Xuan was heavily injured, based on you and Young Madam Jun’s cultivation, wanting to break through the Sky Devil early-phase practitioner’s defenses is not quite possible. Did you use any special method?”

Huang Yueli immediately nodded his head and said, “That’s right. It’s actually a coincidence. I’m a Spiritual Armament Master while Young Madam Jun is a Spiritual Alchemist. We have planned for a long time before coming out with this idea to create a batch of spring mechanisms that could instantly shoot out several thousand silver needles. These silver needles had also been soaked in lethal poison. After that, under the cover of our soldiers…”

Huang Yueli described the scenario in detail back then, not missing out on any fine details at all.

She was extremely honest and did not exaggerate her contributions. Neither did she neglect any chance factors.

But it was exactly because of this that convinced everyone.

Hearing the contents, all the practitioners felt as though they were experiencing the situation in person. They seemed to be able to see them fighting at the demon tribe campsite valiantly, and even how the demon tribe campsite came to an end.

Xuan Jiuling listened to Huang Yueli’s description and muttered repeatedly.

“A spring mechanism that can shoot out thousands of silver needles in an instant?? A poison that could instantly kill a Sky Devil??”

Ordinary practitioners would emphasize the process of how Huang Yueli and Sky Devil Rui Xuan fought. They felt that the most amazing feat was not to be killed instantly by the Sky Devil.

But to a veteran like Xuan Jiuling, the preparatory work that they had done was the thing that left him astounded!