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Chapter 3305: Huang Yueli’s Military Merits (2)

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Meng Shurong was stunned, “What’s that?”

Li Moying said, “I’ve originally forgotten about this matter, but I suddenly recalled it earlier. I believe Divine General Meng should remember that I had once mentioned that I was at Divine Lieutenant Li’s campsite because my wife met with an accident. She had fallen into the demon tribe’s control zone and later ended up in Divine Lieutenant Li’s campsite.”

Meng Shurong nodded consecutively, “Of course, I remember!”

It was the first time Xuan Jiuling heard of this, so he took another curious look at Huang Yueli.

Li Moying continued to say, “As my wife had previously been assigned as Commander in Divine Lieutenant Li’s campsite, she had also killed several devils and established many military merits. Back then, before we left, the majority of her military merits had been computed over at Divine Lieutenant Li’s campsite. But there is still a portion that had not been tallied. Divine Lieutenant Li told her to bring it over to Blessed City and look for you to help her tally it.”

Hearing that, Meng Shurong was stunned.

“Look for me to tally? But… I generally don’t bother about this kind of thing. Unless…”

Meng Shurong suddenly thought of something and his eyes instantly widened in shock!

“Unless… impossible. How can this be possible??”

Ordinary devil soldiers and Earth Devil’s devil stones were mostly tallied by Divine Lieutenant officer ranks. As a Divine General, Meng Shurong naturally could not handle so many soldiers under him.

But if anyone were to kill a devil of Sky Devil grade and above and obtained the Sky Devil’s devil stone, as the number of military merits involved was too large, Divine Lieutenants had no way to make a decision and tally figures. So they could only transfer them over to the Divine General’s side.

This was stipulated clearly in the military regulations, and there was nothing to object against.

So Meng Shurong quickly thought of this regulation. But he could not believe that the conclusion that surfaced in his mind to be true!

However, Li Moying nodded right before his shocked gaze and said calmly, “My wife and Jun Sihan’s wife, Xia Yunxi had fought in an earlier battle with the demon tribe, and killed Sky Devil Rui Ze’s younger brother, Rui Xuan, which is also a Sky Devil early-phase top exponent. May I trouble Divine General to help them tally their military merits?”

Saying that, he turned towards Huang Yueli. “Li’er, can you show them the devil stone?”

Huang Yueli nodded and retrieved a crystal clear devil stone from her realm ring, which was the one that they retrieved from Rui Xuan!

Originally, Huang Yueli liked the color of this devil stone very much and wanted to save it for herself.

But later on, when she thought about the fact that the devil stone contained Li Yukun and Xia Yunxi’s military merits, she felt that she could not just keep it for herself. Hence she could only submit it.

Meng Shurong’s eyeballs almost dropped out of their sockets when he saw the devil stone.

“T…T…This… This is a Sky Devil early-phase devil stone!!” Based on Meng Shurong’s experience and insight, he naturally could tell the authenticity of this devil stone.

Huang Yueli nodded. “Yes, that’s right.”

“But, this… this is… you obtained this by killing a Sky Devil??” Meng Shurong felt that he was speaking incoherently.

It simply wasn’t because he had poor mental quality, but because this matter was simply too bewitching.

Li Moying and Jun Sihan killing Sky Devil Rui Ze were already shocking enough. But at the very least, they were both Heart Profound Realm practitioners. Moreover, one was a god grade genius while the other was an established peerless genius from the most ancient god clans.

Huang Yueli was only in Dream Profound Realm!

But she claimed that she killed a Sky Devil?

If it were another person, Meng Shurong would definitely sneer and say, “Impossible!”