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Chapter 3307: Huang Yueli’s Military Merits (4)

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Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi creating this kind of spring mechanism and poison already meant that their standard in armament refining and alchemy had already reached an extraordinary standard!

The techniques contained in this could only be seen through by real knowledgeable people.

This kind of Spiritual Armament Master and Spiritual Alchemist were actually even rarer than Heart Profound Realm practitioners.

In a moment, Xuan Jiuling’s heart was filled with surprise!

Not even hundreds of same leveled practitioners could compare with a highly skilled Spiritual Armament Master and Spiritual Alchemist’s use on the battlefield. However, these two occupations were originally very few in God Realm, not to mention those who were willing to join the allied armies.

Moreover, as a Spiritual Armament Master and a Spiritual Alchemist, they bore rather outstanding innate talents in the art of cultivation too. They would personally head to the frontline to go into battle which was as rare as unicorn horns!

If the truth was like what Huang Yueli had said, then these two young ladies’ values were much higher than their talented husbands!

Xuan Jiuling felt so happy that he went into a short blank. So he didn’t even hear the rest of Huang Yueli’s narration.

Just when he finally came back to his senses and was prepared to ask Huang Yueli for the details on armament refining, he heard her giving the final conclusion to the whole story.

“…so, in the end, we destroyed the entire demon tribe campsite in one swoop.”

When Xuan Jiuling heard this, he instantly forgot the question that he wanted to ask.

His eyes widened, staring fixedly at Huang Yueli in disbelief as he asked, “What? What did you say? You destroyed the entire demon tribe campsite in one swoop??”

Huang Yueli blinked, as she was shocked by his high-pitched voice.

She thought, “Didn’t I already explain the entire process clearly?”

That was why some people said beauty had its advantages. Although Huang Yueil was merely stunned for a moment, Xuan Jiuling immediately realized that he had shocked her after seeing her stunning look. So he quickly softened his tone.

“Ughh, this… Young Madam Li, I didn’t catch what you said earlier. How did you guys destroy the demon tribe campsite in one swoop?”

Huang Yueli was rather surprised, but she dutifully repeated again. At the same time, she explained, “The demon tribe army was mainly reliant on Sky Devil Rui Xuan for commands. After we successfully assassinate him, the demon tribe campsite fell into chaos. But for us, we had already made detailed setups beforehand. So the entire battle process went pretty smoothly.”

Huang Yueli just thought of something, but she didn’t spill beans about the folly that Jing Zhihai caused which lured Sky Devil Rui Ze to them.

Although Jing Zhihai committed a grave mistake, his original intention was not to betray the allied armies after all. It was only because he was too dumb.

Moreover, he had already been refined into a blood devil pill by Rui Ze and swallowed alive by him…

That ending was already miserable enough, so it was better to save his reputation!

Xuan Jiuling looked at Huang Yueli in shock. For a moment, he didn’t know what he should say!

Meng Shurong was totally stunned, and he almost dropped the wine glass in his hands on the ground!

Everyone had always thought that it was Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s credit for successfully defeating the demon tribe at the frontline. The remaining credit would belong to those Divine Lieutenants who were guarding the various frontline campsites.

But hearing Huang Yueli’s clarification, they realized that Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi actually established such a shocking amount of military merit!

Among those, killing Sky Devil Rui Xuan might sound extremely flashy, but it was just a small portion.