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Chapter 3276: Where Is Your Wife? (5)

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Li Moying originally wanted to ignore this eccentric unmarried couple. However, he was seated near Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling. Moreover, Jing Shaoyuan intentionally spoke loudly to drag both Divine Generals into the topic.

Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling looked over when they heard their names being mentioned.

Li Moying had no choice but to explain, “My wife has gone out in the day to deal with some private affairs. But in the end, she was delayed and couldn’t get back in time. I ask for both Divine Generals’ forgiveness on this!”

Saying that, he cupped his hands at Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling.

The two Divine Generals originally had no intention to blame him.

Xuan Jiuling smiled and said, “That’s such a waste! Originally I wanted to meet your wife, to see what kind of peerless genius young lady could capture Young Master Li’s heart!”

He suddenly seemed to have thought of something and turned towards Meng Shurong. “Lord Meng, have you seen Young Madam Li before?”

Meng Shurong smiled and shook his head. “It’s not really considered as seeing her. Just yesterday when Young Master Li entered the city, we briefly saw each other. But as Young Madam Li had put on a disguise, I didn’t see her true countenance.”

Hearing both Divine Generals discussing Huang Yueli, Jing Shaoyuan was extremely happy that things were going according to plan!

He instantly leaned over and interrupted, “My Lords, Li Moying’s wife is truly extraordinary! This Subordinate heard that she had accumulated a lot of military merits when she was under Divine Lieutenant Li Yukun! She’s a hero amongst women!”

“Oh? Really?” After Jing Shaoyuan’s introduction, Xuan Jiuling was even more interested. “Young Master Li, tell us which young lady is your wife from? Which lady from one of the 12 God clans is so lucky to become your wife?”

Xuan Jiuling wasn’t being polite when he said that. He was honestly praising her from the bottom of his heart.

Li Moying’s innate talent and ability were something he recognized. Today upon seeing him, Xuan Jiuling discovered that he was really good-looking. Adding to the fact that his character was very upright, this kind of young man was absolutely the best candidate to be anyone’s son-in-law!

Xuan Jiuling even considered introducing the outstanding talented ladies from Black Tortoise Clan to Li Moying.

If they could get Li Moying to become Black Tortoise Clan’s son-in-law, wouldn’t their clan also shine in his glory?

Alas, Xuan Jiuling had not even started on his plan and heard Meng Shurong saying Li Moying had already got married at a young age!

This news left Xuan Jiuling a little surprised.

But he had lived for hundreds of years, so there wasn’t anything that could faze him. He was merely astounded for a moment and turned back to normal.

It might be a pity, but Li Moying was already married. Surely he couldn’t force the ladies onto him, right?

When Jing Shaoyuan heard Xuan Jiuling’s words, he might be extremely discomfited to hear the praises given to Moying. But he felt more excited rather than disgruntled!

Because Xuan Jiuling had finally been pulled along to ask the question he wanted to ask the most!

Li Moying’s wife was not one of the young ladies from any of the 12 God clans. She was a useless wild lass!

He wanted to sit back and see how Li Moying was going to tell Xuan Jiuling. He was just waiting to see him being embarrassed!

Jing Shoayuan had been sneering while staring at Li Moying, hoping to see how awkward he was.

However, what made him melancholic was Li Moying’s expression remained the same from the start to the end. He said calmly, “My wife is not an aristocrat. She’s just an ordinary young lady.”

“Oh? She’s not one of the young ladies from the God clans?”