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Chapter 3277: Where Is Your Wife? (6)

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When he heard Li Moying saying that, Xuan Jiuling was honestly surprised.

But a man of his status would naturally not be like Jing Shaoyuan, just waiting to see Li Moying make a fool of himself.

He only found it weird. “Which young peerless genius like Li Moying wouldn’t be hounded by plenty of beautiful ladies? When they picked their cultivation companion, wouldn’t they have a load of strict requirements? Wouldn’t they pick the woman with the best looks, status, and innate talent?”

“Above all, their status and bloodline were the most important considerations.”

“Just look at Jing Shaoyuan and we will know. Those women who try to get close to him are countless. But in the end, he chose Empyrean Fox Clan’s Lan Mengqing.”

“However, Li Moying says… his wife is an ordinary person!”

Li Moying silently nodded. “That’s right. When I was in the Lower Realm, we fell in love with each other. Since we got married, we have been very loving. Originally I wanted to ascend with her. However, my advancement was brought forward because of an accident and I ascended to God Realm before her. I have finally found her after such a long time. To me, finding her is even happier than killing Sky Devil Rui Ze by a hundred times!”

Recalling the past he shared with Huang Yueli, Li Moying’s eyes revealed a tinge of tenderness and he smiled warmly.

His ice-cold temperament instantly melted with this smile, as indescribable emotions flowed out.

Everyone was stunned.

All the women who saw his expression couldn’t help but feel jealous of that woman that he was talking about!

Lan Mengqing stared at him blankly and her heart felt as though it was being chewed by innumerable ants!

Even when Jing Shaoyuan wooed her, she had never revealed this kind of expression. She could tell that Li Moying truly loved his wife from the depths of his heart!

This kind of feeling might not even be found in one of 10 thousand men.

What more for a super genius like Li Moying!

“Who is that woman? Why is she so lucky?”

“Moreover, from Li Moying’s words, she seems to be an ordinary human who had ascended from the Lower Realm??”

When Xuan Jiuling heard his words, he felt a little pitiful for him. Xuan Jiuling felt that with his status, it was simply too inappropriate for him to marry a human race young lady! It was a completely lowering of his self-worth!

However, seeing Li Moying showing such expression after talking about his wife, he could somewhat understand.

Xuan Jiuling and Meng Shurong exchanged a glance and smiled while shaking their heads.

Although they found it a pity, youngsters were all like this! After all, who had not been young once?

They were just thinking that Cloudy Qilin Clan might not agree to their only god grade genius marrying an ordinary woman with a normal bloodline…

But this had nothing to do with outsiders like them!

Xuan Jiuling raised his wine glass and laughed, “Young Master Li and your wife’s feelings are on such good terms. This makes us so envious…”

Meng Shurong quipped in, “Isn’t that so? A Lower Realm couple reunited after they ascended is a beautiful story!”

Both Divine Generals were tactful people, but Jing Shaoyuan intentionally wanted to make Li Moying feel bad. So he would never miss out on a chance like this.

He laughed dryly and asked, “Both Divine Generals are right! But I am a little worried for Brother Li! How can an ordinary young lady hope to enter the doors of Amethyst Paramount Palace?”

Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling silently frowned upon hearing what Jing Shaoyuan said.

Saying this kind of thing on such an occasion is just plain rude! Doesn’t this young lad have any basic courtesy?