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Chapter 3274: Where Is Your Wife? (3)

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But two accidents happened during the execution of this original comprehensive plan.

The first point was Li Moying’s wife not showing up to attend the banquet today. No one knew where she was!

The other point was Jing Shaoyuan didn’t expect his fiancée, Lan Mengqing, to be so focused on Li Moying. Luckily, everyone was looking at Li Moying and had not noticed them. Otherwise, he would have been so embarrassed!

Thinking of this, Jing Shaoyuan felt rather upset.


He turned around and took another look at Lan Mengqing.

At least after the banquet started officially, Lan Mengqing no longer looked at Li Moying. He assumed she must have been curious about him initially, so she took a few more looks at him!

Jing Shaoyuan repeatedly convinced himself in his mind. “With such a perfect fiancé by her side, Lan Mengqing wouldn’t be so silly to be interested in that flirtatious Li Moying!”

He pondered for a moment more and finally made up his mind.

“Mengqing, I’m acquainted with that Young Master Li. Let’s go offer him a toast!” He turned to Lan Mengqing and said.

Lan Mengqing had already been thinking of ways to get closer to Li Moying. Hearing Jing Shaoyuan, she instantly agreed.

“Alright, that’s great! I’ll go with you!”

Lan Mengqing agreed so readily and that made Jing Shaoyuan feel a little indisposed. But he didn’t think too much about it.

The two of them had often flaunted themselves in the past, so Lan Mengqing must have been used to it long ago.

The two of them held up their wine glass and walked over.

Seeing the two of them approaching them, Meng Shurong and the others were stunned.

It was normal for Divine Lieutenants to offer toasts to someone as respectable as Xuan Jiuling, or the main characters like Li Moying.

But it would normally be after they had at least three rounds of toasts.

Wasn’t it a little too early to come over now?

But Jing Shaoyuan didn’t look embarrassed at all. He cupped his fists at Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling in greeting, then turned to Li Moying.

“Young Master Li, I came over specially to offer you a toast! Your hard work in killing Sky Devil Rui Ze this time has saved everyone in Blessed City! I would like to thank you on their behalf!”

Li Moying knew that he was up to no good, but at least this sentence was rather decent.

So he responded coolly, “Young Master Jing is too kind. All the allied armies officers stationed in Blessed City fought in the battle together and that’s why we have obtained victory. It’s not my individual credit.”

Saying that, he raised his wine glass, wanting to finish up the contents so that he could get rid of this fellow who came with ill intentions.

But just as he was about to drink the wine, Jing Shaoyuan stretched out his hand to stop him.

“Young Master Li, why are you so anxious? I’m not done yet!”

Li Moying frowned slightly upon hearing that. But he replied in a normal tone, “What other things does Young Master Jing have to share?”

Jing Shaoyuan smiled delightfully, “Allow me to introduce the lady next to me. She is the Number One Beauty from Empyrean Fox Clan, Lan Mengqing, and she is also a heaven grade genius! Her status in Empyrean Fox Clan is also very high. She’s the granddaughter of one of the Grand Elders! I heard that Young Master Li will be bringing your wife along today, so I specially brought my fiancée along to accompany her.”

Saying that, he pretended to be surprised. “Hmm? Young Master Li, why isn’t your wife here today? Could she be too shy? That’s why she feels awkward attending this kind of occasion?”