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Chapter 3273: Where Is Your Wife? (2)

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He had been waiting to see Xuan Jiuling’s angry or disappointed expression.

However, Jing Shaoyuan kept waiting and waiting for a long time. But he didn’t manage to see it in the end.

On the contrary, after Xuan Jiuling finished listening to Li Moying, he clapped his hands and roared in laughter!

“Young Master Li, you and Young Master Jun indeed have extraordinary capabilities! If I’m not wrong, the two of you have already mastered three Saint grade secret techniques, right? Your innate talent is really astounding! Youngsters like you will surpass us in time!”

Xuan Jiuling’s evaluation of Li Moying had raised another notch now!

Based on his experience and foresight, he could judge the authenticity of one’s fight through their narration.

When Li Moying was narrating the battle scenario against Sky Devil Ruize, he did not excessively exaggerate or downplay the details. He merely described his and Jun Sihan’s performance as it was.

On one hand, he verified the fact that he and Jun Sihan really did have the ability to kill a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner. On the other hand, it proved that Li Moying’s character was overly rigid.

Xuan Jiuling had already removed the space barrier in his surroundings when he said this.

He heaped praises on Li Moying without any concealment and that instantly spread throughout the entire banquet hall.

Hearing a Profound Sky Chart’s top exponent thinking so highly of Li Moying, all the practitioners revealed shocked and envious gazes!

“Wow, even Lord Xuan is full of praises for Young Master Li!”

“Young Master Li is so talented and he has such high innate talent. Who would not like him?”

“Tsk, that Lord Xuan isn’t someone who just cares about a man’s looks. He places more emphasis on the younger generation’s ability!”

“Who says we only care about his looks? Isn’t Young Master Li’s ability more outstanding than his looks?”

“This… this is true…” That person went speechless after being retorted.

Jing Shaoyuan’s eyes widened as he could not believe what he was hearing!

“Impossible! This… isn’t possible. It’s too abnormal! How could such a thing have happened??”

He couldn’t understand why he was reduced to a youngster who was angled for fame after meeting the Sky Profound Chart top exponent while Li Moying was highly valued by Xuan Jiuling!

This was totally different from what he had imagined!

Jing Shaoyuan was so agitated that he almost slammed his fist on the table.

Luckily, Lan Mengqing who was beside him tugged his sleeve at this moment.

“Shaoyuan, what’s the matter with you? Why is your face so red? Did you drink a little too much?” Lan Mengqing frowned slightly as she whispered.

Earlier, Jing Shaoyuan got too agitated and knocked into a cup. It gave off a sound and gave Lan Mengqing a shock, pulling her back to her senses.

Hence, she managed to pull him back in time to prevent him from doing something even more embarrassing.

Jing Shaoyuan had calmed down after being tugged by her. He realized that if he dashed out in this way, the person who would be embarrassed would be him, and not Li Moying!

But hearing the people around him praising Li Moying, he simply could not take it lying down!

Flames of jealousy filled his heart, and it was continually spiraling upwards!

Jing Shaoyuan took a deep breath to suppress his jealousy. At the same time, he looked at the goddess-looking lady whom he called his fiancée.

Jing Shaoyuan’s eyes suddenly lit up!

He thought, “How could I have forgotten about this?” When he came, he already knew that Li Moying would definitely be in the limelight at the banquet this evening.

He had originally planned to use his fiancée to crush Li Moying!