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Chapter 3272: Where Is Your Wife? (1)

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“This Divine General was still worried that Young Master Li has extraordinary innate talents and might be too young. So I thought you might not be firm enough. But after today’s meeting, I realized that I am overthinking things! A hero like Young Master Li is sufficient to become the leader of the younger generation! An old man like me feels incomparably touched!”

Xuan Jiuling was extremely satisfied with Li Moying’s humble and polite attitude. The more he looked at the latter, the more he liked him.

If he had to say one thing that he felt disappointed with, it would be that Li Moying was from the Cloudy Qilin Clan, and not his Black Tortoise Clan!

Xuan Jiuling looked as though he was in his late forties or early fifties, but his actual age was between four to five hundred years old. He was indeed much more senior than Li Moying and the others with abundant experiences and knowledge.

When he saw Li Moying, he immediately judged that this young man did not only possess incredible innate talent and ability, but he also had a kind of steady and overbearing temperament that natural-born leaders owned!

With a successor like Li Moying, Cloudy Qilin Clan would probably suppress the other god clans in the next thousands of years!

But this disappointment did not affect Xuan Jiuling’s appreciation for Li Moying.

Very soon, he continued to talk and enquire about the exact situation when he killed Sy Devil Ruize.

Li Moying spoke eloquently and narrated the exact situation that had happened back then.

But he prudently avoided the part where he and Jun Sihan summoned their ancient spiritual beasts for help.

As the art of summoning ancient spiritual beasts in the current ancient times was gradually being lost, many Life Profound Realm top exponents could not contract any ancient spiritual beasts. This innate talent of theirs might easily cause others to be jealous. So there was no need to actively promote this.

Hearing Li Moying’s description, Xuan Jiuling nodded his head eagerly.

The reason for him asking this question was because he was intending to test Li Moying.

Just based on one devil stone, it was really hard to judge how much effort and strength they had exerted in the process of killing Sky Devil Ruize!

Of course, ordinary people couldn’t tell the authenticity of what Li Moying had said.

But to a top exponent like Xuan Jiuling, he could judge Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s ability clearly just through his narration of the scenario.

When the two of them were engaged in a conversation, Jing Shaoyuan kept staring at them.

Jing Shaoyuan knew that Xuan Jiuling would definitely ask Li Moying about the process of killing the Sky Devil.

Back then when he killed a Sky Devil early-phase practitioner and brought back the devil stone, he was confident that he could become one of the most eye-catching top exponents among the younger generation.

However, the allied armies Headquarters had also sent a Profound Sky Chart top exponent over. After asking a few questions, they managed to find out every single detail.

Although he was given the military merits, they did not promote his military rank.

Jing Shaoyuan remembered this clearly. So although Xuan Jiuling used his Profound Energy to screen out the surrounding spaces, he could make a rough guess even though he could not hear!

“Hehe, two Heart Profound Realm practitioners killing a Sky Devil mid-phase top exponent. Who would ever believe in this! Did you think that bringing out a devil stone can prove that you killed him? In front of Lord Xuan, if you dare to tell any lie, you will be exposed right on the spot!”

Thinking of this, Jing Shaoyuan’s flustered feeling started to calm down. He also tucked into the food happily.

However, he would occasionally lift his head to take a look at Li Moying.