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Chapter 3210: Precious Spiritual Armament Master (3)  

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Li Moying’s lips.

“Divine Lieutenant Li, you’re worried about the arrays and mechanisms around the cave?”

Li Yukun nodded his head gravely. “That’s right, I’m most worried about this mechanism. Other than this, there’s another troublesome matter to settle, which is the guards over at the cave! Based on what we found out, Sky Devil Rui Ze’s personal guards had mostly been brought over to the cave to act as guards. They are there to protect him and these devils are mostly in Earth Devil end-phase!”

Li Yukun paused for a moment and looked at Li Moying. “For Young Lord and Young Master Jun, Earth Devil end-phase abilities might be nothing. But you need to gather your strength to deal with Rui Ze. So let our campsite’s soldiers deal with these guards.”

Hearing that, Commander Hu and the others shivered. They instantly felt a heavy burden landing on their shoulders.

Sky Devil Rui Ze’s closed door cultivation cave might not have as many devil soldiers keeping guard, but each guard was of Earth Devil grade and above. In terms of total ability, they might not be any worse off than the demon tribe’s campsite!

Commander Hu’s forehead was covered in sweat.

“Divine Lieutenant, both Young Masters, rely on the number of people in our campsite to fight so many Earth Devils is probably not possible. Shall we spread the news and gather help from the surrounding campsites?”

Commander Hu’s words had just ended when Huang Yueli laughed.

“Commander Hu, you’re too anxious! Sky Devil Rui Ze is behind closed doors cultivation so the number of guards he brought along shouldn’t be that much. Otherwise, if they start walking around, it would easily distract him. So the number of Earth Devils guarding him in the surroundings would definitely not be more than a hundred of them!”



Hearing Huang Yueli’s deduction, the three Commanders sucked in a breath of cold air!

A hundred Earth Devils and the majority of them were in mid to end-phase cultivations. What kind of concept was that!

In their entire campsite, there were merely more than ten Heart Profound Realm practitioners, which was approximately ten Earth Devils. The disparity of the abilities between the enemy and them was around ten times!

Even if they added Huang Yueli and the others who could surpass realms and kill the Earth Devils, under such exaggerated disparity in their abilities, it was an utterly inadequate measure. The effect that they could work up was extremely limited.

Commander Hu’s face turned green. “This… this… This Subordinate feels that it’s better to have taken some time before we make a decision…”

Commander Xiao also said, “We’ve been through two major battles yesterday and the day before. The campsite is riddled with casualties, and we’re only left with 40% of our original strength. Under these circumstances, isn’t it better to not take the risk to attack?”

“That’s right. Divine Lieutenant, both Young Masters, it’s better to consider this carefully…”

Hearing the three Commanders’ worried tones, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but shake her head.

“The few of you… aren’t you a little too timid! I said earlier that the quantity will not exceed a hundred, but that’s the worst-case scenario. In reality, I think the possibility of it being over fifty is not high.”

Hearing that, Commander Hu’s expression didn’t turn better. In fact, it started to turn pale.

“This… Commander Li, we also can’t deal with 50 Earth Devils! Moreover, the cave has so many mechanisms and arrays. If we’re not careful, all of us will die!”

Huang Yueli swept a disapproving look at him. “It’s exactly because of the mechanism that these fifty Earth Devils will be easier to deal with! Without the mechanisms, I wouldn’t dare to go!”