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Chapter 3207: Strong-flavored Dog Food (5)

Seeing that, Huang Yueli exchanged a glance with Xia Yunxi.

Following that, she placed her hand gently on Li Moying’s shoulder and rubbed her face in front of him. Her large eyes were sparkling, and she lowered her tone.

“My darling hubby, Yunxi and I have been roaming in the demon tribe’s control zone for a long time. It’s all thanks to Divine Lieutenant for taking us in. Otherwise, we might still be lost out there now! Divine Lieutenant saved your wife, that means you are indebted to him. Can’t you just help him?”

Li Moying put on a straight face and wanted to say, “I refuse!”

He had been waiting anxiously to bring his wife home since a few months ago.

But now, he had finally managed to find her. So there was no way that he was in the mood to dabble in any military affairs.

But when he met Huang Yueli’s watery big eyes, he couldn’t say a word of rejection at all…

On the other end, Jun Sihan looked helplessly at the young lady in his arms.

“Sigh…all you do is to create trouble for me!”

Xia Yunxi pouted. “Usually when you’re alone, you can’t kill a Sky Devil mid-phase on your own. Now that Young Master Li is around, you can cooperate with him to kill Rui Ze. After that, you will be promoted to an 8 star Divine Lieutenant! I’m doing all this out of consideration for you. Instead of showing me gratitude, you’re even acting so fiercely toward me!”


Jun Sihan knew that this was an excuse, but looking at her upset look, he couldn’t help but show his “wife-slave” nature.

“I agree to it, alright? Don’t be angry…”

The two men had no other choice but to agree. They didn’t realize that the two young ladies were interacting with each other visually.

“Wow, Yunxi, you’re really good at training your husband!”

“Same for you!”

Li Yukun heard Li Moying and Jun Sihan relenting and agreeing to stay behind to help them get rid of Rui Ze, the hidden threat. He was so elated that he started to tremble in agitation.

“That’s great! It’s simply too wonderful! With Young Lord and Young Master Jun’s help, our campsite will be saved! Both Young Masters, I’m so grateful to you. Our entire campsite’s thousands of soldiers are indebted to you for your benevolence…”

Li Moying and Jun Sihan exchanged glances and felt rather helpless.

“Divine Lieutenant Li, don’t stand on ceremony. I’m just completing Li’er’s wishes only!”

“My wife has received a lot of help from you. Returning the favor is a must!”

After they were done with the exchange of pleasantries, Huang Yueli clapped happily and said, “Alright, then we’ll settle on this! Next, we have to discuss the action plan carefully! Sky Devil Rui Ze is a Sky Devil mid-phase top expert. Don’t underestimate his abilities!”

Li Yukun finally calmed down from his agitated emotions. Upon hearing Huang Yueli’s words, his expression instantly turned solemn.

“Young Madam is right. Although Young Lord and Young Master Jun are very powerful, your cultivations are only in Heart Profound Realm. You are only able to fight a battle beyond your realm by relying on the cultivation methods, Profound Skills, and Treasure Armament that you have. In comparison, Sky Devil Rui Ze is a genuine Sky Devil grade practitioner. Moreover, he is very famous among the demon tribe, and his battle power has far surpassed same leveled devils as well!”

“Oh?” Li Moying’s brows rose in surprise. “In this case, this Sky Devil Rui Ze is rather tough!”

They exchanged blows with Sky Devil Rui Ze yesterday. But at that time, Rui Ze had been blinded by Little Phoenix’s True Phoenix Fire. He had just regained his vision, and his sight was still very blurry.