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Chapter 3177: I’ll Stay Behind! (2)

“Sky Devil Rui Ze!!”

“Why did Sky Devil Rui Ze suddenly appear here? Isn’t he in closed door cultivation in the cave that is hundreds of miles away?”

“Heavens! His aura is so powerful and the demonic Qi is so dense! Oh no, we’re done for!”

Sky Devil Rui Ze’s figure appeared in the skies above the campsite.

In an instant, the entire allied armies’ soldiers began to fluster!

Sky Devil mid-phase Rui Ze was a famous high-ranking military officer in the demon tribe, and he had killed countless allied armies soldiers. Rui Xuan, who had just made his name recently, could not be compared with him.

The majority of soldiers immediately shuddered just from hearing his name.

The devils who were originally devastated instantly grew agitated when they saw Rui Ze appearing.

“Lord Rui Ze is here! He’s finally here!”

“We… we’re finally saved! That’s great!”

“Quick, quick, quick. Lord Rui Ze, kill all of these damn humans and god clan practitioners and refine them into blood pills!”

When Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi saw Rui Ze’s appearance, they weren’t as horrified as the others. But their expressions instantly turned ugly.

The unforeseen situation that Xia Yunxi predicted coming from the southeast direction had really come true!

Moreover, this was the worst-case scenario that they could think of— Sky Devil Rui Ze broke out of his closed door cultivation and personally came to the demon tribe campsite to fight!

Rui Ze’s ability alone was sufficient to kill all of them here!

Huang Yueli professed that she had already considered the problem concerning Rui Ze and even made ample arrangements. But now, Sky Devil Rui Ze’s appearance meant that something had happened at Jing Zhihai’s side!

“Damn it! That fellow surnamed Jing comes from an ancient god clan, but he revealed the military news to the demon tribe?? He really is a sinner who deserves to die!” Huang Yueli was so angry that her face turned white.

Xia Yunxi hurriedly persuaded her, “Don’t be agitated, we’re in big trouble now! Let’s think of a way to help everyone escape first! If we can avert the calamity this time, we will definitely make Jing Zhihai pay the price for today!”

Huang Yueli had already calmed down and nodded, “You’re right! But the problem is how are we going to escape with so many thousands of troops around?”

Xia Yunxi also thought of this point and her expression turned grave.

If it was only the two of them, based on their abilities, it wouldn’t be a big problem for them to escape from a Sky Devil mid-phase strong exponent.

But now, the allied armies had more than 2000 soldiers gathered at this place. They were all within Sky Devil Rui Ze’s attack boundary!

If the two of them were just ordinary soldiers, they could just leave everything behind and escape.

But unfortunately, they were the allied armies’ Commanders!

Huang Yueli was even the soldiers’ Commanding Officer who represented the Divine Lieutenant!

Under these circumstances, they couldn’t possibly leave the soldiers in the lurch and secretly escape on their own.

At this moment, Commander Hu and the others also ran over in a fluster and asked Huang Yueli for help.

“Commander Li, what should we do now? Sky Devil Rui Ze is here. We… how are we going to escape?”

Huang Yueli went silent for a short moment and said, “How about this? I will tangle with Sky Devil Rui Ze and delay him for some time. The rest of you will lead your teams and retreat in different directions! Sky Devil Rui Ze is alone. No matter how strong he is, he can’t possibly chase after all of you in so many different directions, so the majority of you should be able to escape smoothly.”

“Moreover, I should be able to gain a little more time for all of you…”