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Chapter 3173: Reap What You Sow (2)

“Terrifying, this is just too terrifying!”

It was said that the demon tribe was vicious and merciless with cruel methods. They had also seen it on the battlefield, but not once had they felt it so distinctly right now!

Moreover, they were fully aware of how strong a Sky Devil mid-phase practitioner had!

Even Jing Zhihai was regretting his decision!

It was all because of the news that Huang Yueli and the others had killed Sky Devil Rui Xuan. Jealousy and resentment clouded their minds, giving them a disillusion that “That’s all a Sky Devil is capable of!”

Since Huang Yueli and the others could do it, as the next top expert after Divine Lieutenant, he would naturally be able to do it as well!

However, when they truly faced Sky Devil Rui Ze, he finally understood just how foolish and ignorant his thinking had been before!

But now that it came to this, it was already too late for regrets. He was only feeling grateful that he wasn’t the one who ran the slowest!

Now he could only escape at the greatest speed that he could muster!

Command Hua was also a Heart Profound Realm top exponent in speed. So he ran right next to Jing Zhihai.

The two of them raced wildly towards the cave’s entrance, but it didn’t take long for them to realize that they were lost!

When they entered the cave, the paths within were like a maze. They did try to remember some routes, but at this moment when they were running for their lives in a fluster, they had already forgotten about it!

The two of them came to a fork, but none of them could recall where they should go.

Just as they were hesitating on which way to take, Sky Devil Rui Ze’s footsteps rang behind their backs!

“Two god clan trash, are you still intending to run? Since you dared to interrupt my closed door cultivation, did you think that you could escape? What a joke! Since you came to me, that means you want to be turned into the ingredients for This Seat’s blood devil pill! I won’t stand on ceremony then!”

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, so they could only randomly pick one route to escape.

However, just as Commander Hua took a step out, he felt a huge impact on the side of his body!

Someone kicked his waist hard, causing him to lose his balance instantly and fall!

Commander Hua’s eyes widened in disbelief, as he looked at Jing Zhihai who scuttered far away by leveraging on him!

“The person who kicked me earlier … was Jing Zhihai!”

Jing Zhihai pushed Commander Hua in the direction where Sky Devil Rui Ze was chasing in whereas he escaped desperately. It was obvious that he was making the latter his buffer!

Commander Hua tried his best to climb up but Rui Ze was already right behind him.


Commander Hu fell heavily to the ground. His vision blacked out and he fainted!

Jing Zhihai heard the commotion behind and couldn’t help but curse Commander Hua silently for being a piece of trash!

“He’s a Heart Profound Realm mid-phase practitioner but is seriously injured by Sky Devil Rui Ze without any chance to fight back. If he isn’t a piece of trash, who else is? Commander Hua didn’t even manage to help me gain any time for me to escape!

Jing Zhihai could only dash forward with all his life. He even ate the pills to arouse his potential and forcibly raised his cultivation by a small realm!

His cultivation might drop a realm after the medicinal effect vanishes, but it was better than being dead!

However, Jing Zhihai might have thought of all these, but he missed out on an important point…

He chose the wrong route!

Seeing that path leading to a dead-end with no way to escape. Jing Zhihai’s eyes finally surfaced with a desperate expression.

Sky Devil Rui Ze’s footsteps were getting nearer.