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Chapter 3172: Reap What You Sow (1)

The three of them had been storing their power so their speed was astonishingly swift!

In a blink of an eye, their Profound Energy had already reached Sky Devil Rui Ze’s back and was about to injure him seriously!

However, Rui Ze’s body shook vigorously at this instant!

But it was already too late for Rui Ze to respond. Although he managed to evade the fatal stab to his heart from the back, he was still struck by the three Commanders. Three bursts of Profound Energy penetrated his body!

Sky Devil Rui Ze let out a dull moan!

He instantly stood up from the crystal stage, turned around, and looked fiercely at the three god clan Commanders who sneaked an attack from his back!

When Jing Zhihai and the others made their moves, they realized that something was amiss!

They hadn’t even struck Rui Ze but he already started to move!

“Oh no!”

“We’re done for!”

“Quick, let’s escape!!!”

None of them expected Rui Ze’s senses to be so acute. Even though he was cultivating behind closed doors, he was still able to sense danger from the outer world and awaken instantly to react!

At this moment, the courage that the three of them had accumulated instantly dispersed with the wind. Fear and terror welled up in their hearts!

The trio’s first reaction was to quickly escape. They had to give their best shot to escape as far as possible!

But as a Sky Devil mid-phase strong exponent, Rui Ze’s speed was beyond their imagination.

To deal Rui Ze with a fatal strike, they were just too near to him. Even though they tried their greatest effort and ran with all their lives, it was useless!

Rui Ze merely took a light step forward and chased up to the slowest Commander Jian.

Rui Ze grabbed Commander Jian’s neck and lifted him in the air.

Commander Jian was instantly suffocated. His face turned red, and he struggled hard, waving his limbs around. However, no matter how hard he tried, Rui Ze’s fingers were as hard as steel. He couldn’t struggle free at all.

At the moment when he was about to suffocate, Rui Ze suddenly swung his hand and cast him to one side.

Commander Jian crashed heavily on the wall of the cave and all he heard were clattering sounds. His entire body was in pain and he could distinctively sense that all the bones in his body had broken into pieces!

“Drag him out and send him over to my pill room!” Sky Devil Rui Ze’s magnetic voice seemed as though it was emitted from Hell. “I haven’t seen a Heart Profound Realm mid-phase’s medicinal ingredient for a long time. Furthermore, he’s still alive! Heaven is aiding me! I can refine him into a blood devil pill to replenish the demonic Qi that I’ve lost today!”

Hearing that, Commander Jian rolled his eyes and fainted from shock!

“Refined into a blood devil pill!”

That meant a practitioner would be thrown into a pill furnace alive, then using the Sky Devil Conflagration Fire to turn him into a pool of blood, and refined into a pill!

It was said that the practitioner in the pill furnace had to be tortured for a total of seven days before he would be thoroughly dead. In this process, the Sky Devil Conflagration Fire was not only burning the practitioners’ mortal body, but also his primordial spirit!

The pain of one’s primordial spirit was even more intense by 100 times. It was torture that was beyond one’s imagination!

Commander Jian regretted his actions at this moment!

If he knew that this would be the result, he would never agree to take part in this insane plan no matter how Jing Zhihai enticed him!

Alas, it was all too late for regrets now!

Jing Zhihai and Commander Hua’s speeds were slightly faster, so they weren’t the first to be caught.

However, hearing Sky Devil Rui Ze’s cold-blooded speech, they couldn’t help but shiver with fright!