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Chapter 3161: Foresight (4)

Commander Hua and Commander Jian also started laughing.

“That would be great! I didn’t expect us to catch a handle on Li Yuehuang so soon!”

“Who asked him to be so arrogant! Didn’t he look down on us? Doesn’t he have to beg us right now! Commander Jing, don’t let them off so easily. It’s not so easy to ask us for reinforcements!”

Jing Zhihai’s lips curled into a sneer as he said disdainfully, “Relax, am I so stupid? Li Yuehuang finally remembered us now? Too bad, it’s too late! What do their life and death have to do with us? Why should we send our reinforcements to help them?”

“That’s right, you’re absolutely correct!”

“The person who is hungry for merits and insists on heading to the demon tribe’s campsite is not us! Even if all of them died, no one can blame us for it!”

Commander Hua and Command Jian echoed in agreement.

Jing Zhihai smiled, “But we come from the same campsite after all. If we really watch them die, it will go against our conscience. As long as Li Yuehuang shows a good attitude, begs us properly, and also gives us sufficient benefits, we can save their lives! But if that guy surnamed Li doesn’t know what’s good for him, then he really can’t blame us, can he?”

“That’s right, that’s right! Commander Jing, you’re so magnanimous!”

“Li Yuehuang is probably regretting his actions right now, ahahahaha!”

While the three of them were laughing heartily, the black-robed rider had already dashed towards the front where they were stationed at.

As Jing Zhihai and the others’ troops were hiding behind the trees as per Huang Yueli’s request, it was also hard to see in the night.

The black rider dashed to their position, only to discover that human soldiers were all around him!

As for the allied armies’ soldiers, they also suddenly realized that a foreigner had appeared among them!

“Bad news, bad news! Commanders, a devil had smuggled into our group!”

“Quick, quickly capture him!”

“Don’t let him run away!”

The black-robed devil hurriedly turned around, wanting to escape. But the human soldiers swarmed around him and blocked off his retreat.

Although he was an Earth Devil early-phase, there were too many human soldiers around him. Moreover, there were plenty of Dream Profound Realm and Heart Profound Realm top exponents. He tried every single way but wasn’t able to escape.

In the end, he was captured by the allied armies’ soldiers.

When Jing Zhihai heard his Team Leader’s report, he was instantly stunned.

“This… what’s going on? Did you see clearly? That black-robed rider is a devil??”

“There were plenty of us who saw and we’ve confirmed that person is indeed a devil! Team 17’s Team Leader has already captured him, and they are currently transporting him over…”

The three of them didn’t dare to believe that such a ridiculous thing had happened!

“Impossible? What is the demon tribe trying to do, running over to our site? Could it be that they discovered that there are human soldiers ambushed here, so they want to annihilate us at one go?”

“What kind of joke is that? If they want to deal with us, why would they only send one person here?”

“Why is this? Could that person be a deserter, and had strayed away from his team?”

The three of them couldn’t understand what was going on.

In the end, Jing Zhihai instructed, “Men, bring that devil over to This Commander. I have to interrogate him personally!”

Saying that, he turned and looked at Commander Hua and Commander Jian. “No matter what’s going on, we have to personally ask to clear things up!”

Not too long later, the black-robed devil, who was trussed up, was escorted to the three Commanders.