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Chapter 3126: Using Ability To Speak (1)

Jing Zhihai breathed deeply several times and finally calmed himself down.

His rationality came back to him, and he naturally didn’t dare to threaten Li Yukun.

Jing Zhihai stepped back and turned towards Huang Yueli, staring at her gloomily.

“Li Yuehuang, as one of the veterans at this campsite, I’d like to give you a piece of advice. Whether you take it or not, it’s up to you. You should wear a hat that fits your head, so do the things based on how much ability you have. If you aren’t capable enough, even if you climb up to a high position, no one would adhere to your instructions. Instead, you will become a laughing stock! Tell me… do you agree with this?”

His glare was ferocious and the way he looked at Huang Yueli was full of threat.

Jing Zhihai was a Heart Profound Realm mid-phase practitioner. In terms of ability, he was much higher than Huang Yueli by an entire big realm.

So Jing Zhihai was confident that Huang Yueli would be defenseless against the Profound Energy might that he released. He assumed that she would act like a fool, or even kneel on the ground to beg for mercy!

However, reality had surpassed his expectations.

Huang Yueli stood upright, firmly in front of him. Not only did she not waver, her lips even curled into a sneer, as though she was mocking him.

Jing Zhihai’s anger flared up again.

“Li Yuehuang, speak up! What do you mean by this? You’re a human practitioner in Dream Profound Realm. Do you think you can sit firmly in the role of the Commanding Officer? If you have the ability, use it to speak. If you are powerful enough, there is no harm in listening to you! If your ability isn’t enough… then it’s better for you to give it up earlier! Don’t drag all of us down!”

Under his Huang Yueli menacing gaze, Huang Yueli thought for a moment then finally opened her mouth. “You want me to use my ability to speak? That’s also alright. Let’s have a battle then.”

Huang Yueli finally relented to have a challenge with Jing Zhihai openly, not because she was afraid of him.

If this thing was only related to her, she couldn’t be bothered to reason with a person like Jing Zhihai at all.

But if she assumed the role of the campsite’s Commanding Officer, then there would be many things that she could not accomplish on her own.

Her commands would require Jing Zhihai and the others to execute.

If she didn’t show her skills to them and establish her prestige, then it might end up like what Jing Zhihai said. She wouldn’t be able to stay firm in her position as Commanding Officer.

Moreover, her prestige must be built up entirely based on herself, and not just a few mere words from Li Yukun.

It was exactly because of this, Li Yukun might be able to say something. But he chose to remain silent to let Huang Yueli settle these problems on her own.

Hearing Huang Yueli saying that, Jing Zhihai instantly became excited.

“Great, you said this yourself! Then we don’t continue with the gibberish. Let’s have a battle right now. The person who wins shall become the campsite’s Commanding Officer! The one who loses must kneel and kowtow to the winner ten times. The location will be in the middle of the campsite, where everyone can see!”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “Sure!”

Her response immediately met with Jing Zhihai’s uncontrolled burst of laughter.

“I think you must be crazy! You’re just a practitioner in Dream Profound Realm and you’re thinking of battling with me. You will lose for sure! Enough, quickly step out and let This Commander give you a good round of punching, then quickly kowtow ten times. Stop wasting time! Later on, This Commander still needs to go check on the number of injured soldiers!”

Jing Zhihai looked down on Huang Yueli thoroughly.

He felt that he would win for sure and had already treated himself as this campsite’s Commanding Officer.