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Chapter 3125: New Campsite Commander (4)

The more Jing Zhihai thought, the more indignant he became and he couldn’t even care about anything else.

He shot up like an arrow next to Li Yukun’s bed and shouted in an extremely unresigned manner, “Divine Lieutenant, you must think through this clearly! I’m the only one who understands the campsite’s situation the most, and I’m the only one who can suppress the entire army! Moreover, I’ve already thought of a plan. There’s an 80% chance that we can eliminate the devil army and turn defeat into victory!”

“Divine Lieutenant, if you don’t assign me to be the Commanding Officer, you will be harming the entire campsite’s soldiers!”

Jing Zhihai’s words caused an outcry among the other Commanders.

From their point of view, this battle was already lost, especially after Li Yukun was seriously injured. It was practically impossible to break out of this current situation. If they could protect this stronghold for a couple of days more, that would be their good luck.

So no one expect Jing Zhihai to say that he could annihilate the devil army to turn things around!

This was simply fascinating!

Jing Zhihai was rather unwilling to say these.

He was deeply afraid that the other Commanders would fight with him for the position of Commanding Officer, hence he had been hiding this fact. Moreover, if he didn’t mention this beforehand, it would give the others an impression that he turned the tide while he took up this temporary position. Then they would adore him like a herp.

Now, the effect was almost as what he had expected.

But to convince Li Yukun, he couldn’t care about anything else.

Hearing Jing Zhihai’s words, Li Yukun’s murky gaze seemed to light up a little.

In reality, Jing Zhihai trying so hard to obtain the Commanding Officer’s position was sufficient for Li Yukun to guess his thinking.

But even though Li Yukun knew this, he didn’t have a change of heart in his decision to make Huang Yueli assume the position of Commanding Officer.

Jing Zhihai might be able to see through the current situation showed that his foresight was even higher than the other Commanders. But occasionally seeing through the situation was easy. Obtaining victory was much more difficult!

Jing Zhihai’s level of command was something that Li Yukun couldn’t trust.

In comparison, Huang Yueli had just arrived at the campsite for a short time but could already grasp the complex topography. Not only was she able to make use of the army’s method of formation transformations to kill the demon tribe, but she also created several exclusive tactics.

This kind of practitioner was a true-blue genius Commanding Officer!

Huang Yueli’s instinct, reaction, foresight were not something that Jing Zhihai could compare with!

As an experienced veteran Commanding Officer, Li Yukun believed that his ability in telling one’s capability was extremely accurate.

But under Jing Zhihai’s hopeful gaze, Li Yukun shook his head tediously and repeated, “The campsite’s Commanding Officer is… Li Yuehuang! Don’t… argue any longer!”

Jing Zhihai was slapped on his face trice!

His face was so red as though it was about to bleed. His aura could not be suppressed at all!

Seeing Jing Zhihai on the verge of flaring up, the other Commanders could no longer stand on the sidelines. They stepped forward and tried to persuade him.

“Commander Jing, since Divine Lieutenant has already said so, don’t go against him any longer!”

“That’s right, that’s right. After all, this is Divine Lieutenant’s order!”

“The campsite’s Commanding Officer is just a name. The one who can truly control the army is the real Commanding Officer!”

Those few Commanders who were on better terms with Jing Zhihai came closer to him as they persuaded softly.

Hearing that, Jing Zhihai’s expression turned slightly better.

Actually, it wasn’t that he didn’t understand what these people were saying.

But facing so many Commanders and Team Leaders, he had been slapped on the face so many times. So, he couldn’t swallow this at all!