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Chapter 3109: Who’s In The Array? (1)

“What’s going on?”

“Could it be that the devil had a chance of heart and decided to let him off?”

Li Yukun hurriedly opened his eyes, bore with the pain, and looked at the sky.

He saw the huge sword which was gathered based on the black demonic qi dissipating after crashing with a ball of silver energy…

Not only that, Sky Devil Rui Xuan even suffered the backlash from his demonic qi. He was pushed back continuously for more than a dozen steps before he barely stopped and steadied his footing.

He stared at the black demonic qi in disbelief, and he was filled with shock and fury!

Rui Xuan lifted his head and shouted angrily, “Who’s that! How dare you sneak an attack on me? Quickly show yourself—!!”

However, no one in the entire campsite responded to him.

“Show yourself, show yourself right now—!”

Rui Xuan shouted sternly and at the same time, using his ability to look in the direction where the ball of silver energy appeared.

Li Yukun also came back to his senses and his heart pounded, as he thought inwardly.

“This mixture of Heaven and Earth Profound Qi looked very familiar. It was shot from the southeast direction, could it be…”

“How is that possible??”

Before Li Yukun or Rui Xuan could comprehend the situation, another ball of silver light suddenly lit up from the high platform on the southeast corner!

This burst of energy was like an electric current, carrying an astonishing impact. It traveled at the speed of lightning and descended on Rui Xuan’s head!

Rui Xuan attempted to block it but his reaction was a little too slow, hence he couldn’t block it at all.

The silver light and demonic qi clashed against each other once again!

The demonic qi dissipated even faster, and Rui Xuan fell to the ground. He even spat out a mouthful of blood!

But after this time, Rui Xuan managed to find the origin of that silver energy!

Sky Devil Rui Xuan was hopping mad after being injured seriously consecutively, and he was on the verge of blowing up. He forcibly executed a demon tribe’s ultimate skill and suppressed the internal injury. After that, he stood upright and rushed ferociously towards the high platform in the southeast direction!

“Damn human scum, all you know is to hide in a corner and sneak an attack! I will tear you apart! I will throw you into the pill furnace and refine you into a blood devil pill!”

The blood devil pill was a kind of demonic sorcery that made the human tremble with fright.

The blood pill was refined using a practitioner’s blood essence, whereas the blood devil pill was refined by throwing a live human into the pill furnace. Using a deviant flame, they would slowly refine that live human being slowly into a puddle of blood, then concealed into a pill!

Very few devils within the demon tribe were able to do this kind of sorcery.

Rui Xuan was apparently pushed to the verge of insanity by that person who attacked him!

Seeing this, the campsite’s humans were scared witless!

Li Yukun also kept chanting non-stop in his mind. “Quickly activate the array, activate it once more, and injure this Sky Devil so badly that he loses his battle power!”

“Just once more will do!”

But the person in the array didn’t seem to sense everyone’s anxiety, or perhaps that person had freaked out.

Seeing Rui Xuan about to jump in front of the high platform, the array still didn’t light up!

“What’s going on?? Who’s inside the array? Quickly, quickly activate the array!!”

Li Yukun couldn’t help but scream as well. But the southeast corner remained silent.

On the high platform, after two consecutive attacks, Huang Yueli suddenly frowned and stopped.

Due to the two continuous explosion impacts, the devils on the fence had basically all fallen to the ground.