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Chapter 3106: Persist A Little Longer! (2)

On the high platform, there was a circular stockade and the array was encircled within.

Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi did a flip and jumped in with ease.

Huang Yueli immediately ran towards the center of the array and shouted as she ran.

“Yunxi, I’m leaving you to deal with those devils! I’m going to start restoring and adjusting the array now. Please hang on! I’m depending on you!!”

Xia Yunxi had just landed on the ground and when she heard Huang Yueli saying such unreliable words, she almost flew into a rage!

“W… What? How do you expect me to ward off so many devils by myself??”

Those devils who were at the bottom of the platform protecting the array were an entire team of more than thirty people. There were even three Earth Devils in the team!

Xia Yunxi’s battle power might be good, but facing the encirclement of so many devils simultaneously. If she could choose, she would definitely make the wise decision to escape…

Huang Yueli shouted back, “You can do it, I believe in you!!”

Saying that, she bent down, took out a big pile of materials and magical beast cores, and started to restore the array.

Xia Yunxi’s face turned green, but at this moment, she had no other choice!

The entire campsite’s hope of survival was dependent on Huang Yueli right now. As long as she could quickly adjust the array and restore the mechanism to help Li Yukun defeat Sky Devil Ruixuan, the allied armies’ campsite would be saved.

Thinking of this, Xia Yunxi stopped grumbling and braced herself for it!

Luckily, the exterior of the array was blocked by the tall fence. The only entrance had been blocked by Huang Yueli, so if the devils wanted to come in and capture them, the only way was to jump past the fencing.

This gave Xia Yunxi some buffer.

She stood below the fence and held her thin, long, flexible sword tightly.

The moment the devils popped up from the fence, she would execute her best Profound Skill and attack them ruthlessly. She had to make sure she injured the devil who popped up in the shortest amount of time, making them fall off the high platform!

Huang Yueli might put things across in a relaxed manner, but she wasn’t feeling that assured at all.

Initially, when she was restoring the array, she would be distracted to take a look at Xia Yunxi’s situation in dealing with the devils.

But after some time, she realized that Xia Yunxi’s skills were even better than what she had imagined!

Especially her speed, it was simply as swift as lightning. From the way she ran from end to end, stabbing every single devil, it only took her a few seconds to run back…

This speed!

It simply wasn’t something that an Earth attributed practitioner could attain!

The devils fell to the ground consecutively as waves of miserable groans were heard from the bottom of the platform.

Huang Yueli took a short look and was assured. Then she started to concentrate on the work on hand.

Outside the campsite, those arrays and mechanisms which were set up were secrets of the allied armies. Other than the army’s assigned Array Master and Spiritual Armament Masters who held ranks, outsiders couldn’t get a copy of the blueprint at all.

It was Huang Yueli’s first time coming into contact after arriving at this campsite. So there were many areas that she couldn’t fully comprehend.

But at this juncture, there wasn’t much time for her to think over it in detail.

Huang Yueli took out her array board which she brought from Soaring Heavens Continent and swiftly calculated and deduced in her mind!

As the array was rather complex, the time she spent calculating was very long.

Huang Yueli sat in the middle of the array with her eyes tightly shut. Beads of sweat were continuously dripping onto the ground.