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Chapter 3055: Just a Good-For-Nothing (3)

Anyway, she was already very familiar with the refining method of these standardized Spirit Armaments. Moreover, she need not be too meticulous for batch refining, just raising the efficiency of the refining would do.

For the next two days, Huang Yueli stayed in her tent and did not leave at all.

Other than refining Spirit Armaments, she also borrowed the map of the battle zone from Commander Hu and studied it in detail.

On the third day afternoon, the frontline sentry guards hurriedly rush back into the campsite.

“Bad news! Divine Lieutenant, bad news! A large number of devils have gathered in front, and they seem to be prepared to attack our camp! All my comrades who went with me have all been killed. I’m the only… only one who managed to escape…”

“What? The devils are here again?? Didn’t we just drive them away three days ago? The frequency of the demon tribe’s attacks seems to have increased!” Li Yukun’s brows were tightly knitted, as a bad premonition arose in his heart.

Commander Hu also had a worried look on his face. “It looks like the news that those two lads told us is true! There’s really a top expert from the demon tribe who’s trying to advance! I heard that promoting into Sky Devil end-phase requires a huge amount of blood pills. No wonder the demon tribe keeps attacking us so frequently!”

“Damn it! The demon tribe has been eyeing our campsite since long ago! Divine Lieutenant, if this carries on, we will not be able to ward off their attacks sooner or later! Please give orders to dispatch our men to the other stronghold and ask for reinforcements!” Another commander suggested.

Li Yukun had a grave look on his face. “Did you think that I didn’t send anyone to ask for reinforcements? I’ve already sent someone over a week ago, to the surrounding three campsites to ask for reinforcements. But there is no response from them at all!”

Hearing that, the other Commanders revealed a shocked look. Immediately following that, their expressions also turned grave.

The twelve strongholds in the frontline were a hundred over miles away from each other. To a Dream Profound Realm practitioner, they would only need one day to reach the other stronghold. Even if they needed to avoid the demon tribe and had to do on a detour, that would take at most three to five days.

However, more than a week had passed and there were no reinforcements at all.

The greatest possibility was that… the reinforcements team were likely wiped out!

“Looks like the Sky Devil who is leading the demon tribe this time is a formidable character…”

“There’s no time to talk about these now!” Li Yukun sighed, “Let’s get all the team leaders to assemble their teams in preparation to fight against the demon tribe!”

When Li Yukun’s order was dispatched to Team 3, Huang Yueli was still refining armaments in her tent.

But she knew that military orders were pressing so the minute she received the news, she stopped all the work on hand and immediately rushed to the gathering point.

Team 3’s team members had mostly arrived.

Huang Yueli gathered them and did a roll call, only to discover that there were only 40 people present. 10 people had gone missing.

She waited for a moment but still didn’t see the remaining 10 people.

Huang Yueli frowned and was about to ask when three men suddenly came running over from a distance away.

“We’re…. we’re sorry! Team Leader Li, we… we’re late!”

Huang Yueli gazed coldly at them. “The military asked to gather urgently, and you guys dare to arrive late! On account that this is your first offense, I will let it go. Next time, I won’t let you off so easily! Where are the remaining seven people?”

“The… the remaining people…”

The three of them looked shifty-eyed and kept hemming and hawing.

“Speak! Those who don’t report what you know are considered as accomplices as well!” Huang Yueli barked sharply as she frowned.