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Chapter 3054: Just a Good-For-Nothing (2)

“How could Divine Lieutenant do this? Brother Zheng obviously has the most amount of military merits in our team!”

“Isn’t that so? Brother Zheng already has more than 3000 military merits. Moreover, his ability is so strong, so he should have been promoted to Team Leader long ago!”

“If the person who came is a god clan practitioner, we can just let it go. But he’s also a human, so how could Li Yuehuang immediately become a Team Leader when he just joined us?”

“It’s unfair, it’s just too unfair!”

A number of the third team’s soldiers were on close terms with Zheng Yichuan. They also recognized his power very much, so all of them were crying out indignantly on his behalf.

Zheng Yichuan felt even more upset when he heard them saying that.

He believed that he was a rare talent among humans. He had only been enlisted in the campsite for no longer than five months and had already accumulated more than 3000 military merits.

This time, due to the demise of Team 3’s Team Leader, he assumed that he would be chosen to fill in that position. However, another Team Leader just popped out from nowhere!

Moreover, Li Yuehuang looked extremely ordinary.

Especially from Zheng Yichuan’s point of view, he had already leveled his cultivation to Dream Profound Realm early-phase. If Huang Yueli’s cultivation was higher than his, she would definitely tell them.

But now, Huang Yueli merely scolded him for “disobeying military orders”, as though she was intentionally trying to avoid this question.

This proved that Team Leader Li was weaker than him!

Zheng Yichuan looked at Huang Yueli’s departing figure and sneered disdainfully, “He’s just a good-for-nothing. I wonder how much fawning did he do to gain Divine Lieutenant’s trust! But good-for-nothings will be good-for-nothings. I hope he will not wet his pants when the demon tribe attacks!”

On the other hand, Huang Yueli didn’t think too much of this and directly went to the Supplies Station.

She could tell that a lot of people in the team weren’t convinced by her, but she didn’t take it to heart at all.

Only she knew how much ability she had. These humans weren’t enough to suppress her, so they would eventually be subdued by her.

Huang Yueli took a look at the Supplies Station and felt a little disappointed.

There was a great variety of Spirit Armaments here, but all of it was the most basic standardized Spirit Armaments. Moreover, the majority of them were just standard grade Spirit Armaments.

She understood the situation at the campsite. With such high-intensity continuous battles, the Spirit Armaments would be damaged very easily.

So the allied armies couldn’t possibly distribute very good quality Spirit Armaments to each ordinary soldier. If it was done in that way, the military expenditure would snowball to an astronomical figure that they could not absorb.

Huang Yueli told the steward who was in charge of managing the supplies after she was done looking. “Our team will not be claiming any Spirit Armaments. Please change all the quota for Spirit Armaments into medicinal pills!”

The steward couldn’t help but frown upon hearing that.

“What? Are you certain? Spiritual medicine might be of great use on the battlefield, but you can’t do without any Spirit Armaments! If you don’t claim the Spirit Armaments for this month and if any team member’s Spirit Armaments are damaged during the battle, what are you will you use to replenish the weapon?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “I know what to do. Please do me this favor.”

The steward frowned. Apparently, he was not willing to agree to it.

But thinking that this was within Huang Yueli’s decision and control, the steward didn’t have any stand to object. So he could only do as she said, to exchange for a whole pile of Spiritual medicine.

Huang Yueli returned to the training grounds and distributed the Spiritual medicine. After she instructed them to train properly, she returned to her tent.

The quality of the Spirit Armaments at the Supplies Station was terrible and not easy to use. So she decided to refine her own batch of weapons instead.