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Chapter 3056: Just a Good-For-Nothing (4)

The three soldiers were shocked by her aura and instantly shivered in fear.

They didn’t dare to hide the truth and could only explain, “Re.. report to Team Leader, the remaining few people, they… they have already left with Brother Zheng…”

“Brother Zheng? You mean Zheng Yichuan?” Huang Yueli’s brows rose.

She was just finding it strange. Zheng Yichuan was one of the strongest people among them so logically, he should have come the fastest. But in the end, there was no sight of him at all.

She thought to herself, “This fellow actually led the others away?”

“Y… Yes! Brother Zheng says that it would be too slow to follow the team and obtain military merits. So…”

Huang Yueli sneered, “Since he is so capable, then let him be! As for you three, return to the team!”

The three of them heaved a sigh of relief.

True be said, the things that Zheng Yichuan said were much more terrible than what they conveyed.

His original words were these. “That brat Li hasn’t even gone on the battlefield. Does he even know what the devils look like? Isn’t listening to his command equivalent to digging our own graves? Follow me and I’ll lead you to kill the devils, earn our military merits, and I will also guarantee that the merits that you gain are much more than everyone else on the team! By then, I’ll ask Commander Hu to judge who has the qualifications to be the Team Leader!”

The three of them struggled for a long time before choosing to return to the team.

To be honest, they believed in Zheng Yichuan’s ability more. But they were afraid of being punished for disobeying the military order, so they didn’t dare to take the risk.

Huang Yueli knew what they were thinking about, and she didn’t expose them.

She coughed slightly and said, “There’s still some time before we set off. Everyone line up accordingly and come claim one piece of Spirit Armament from me!”

Huang Yueli distributed the newly refined Spirit Armaments to the soldiers.

They originally didn’t think much of it and assumed that the Spirit Armament was something that Huang Yueli had received from the Supplies Station.

But one of the soldiers unintentionally lifted the Spirit Armament, thinking of trying to get accustomed to it.

After one try, he instantly cried out in shock, “This… This is a Spirit Armament!!”

“What? What?”

The others were shocked by his scream and looked at him!

“This Spirit Armament… why did the degree of attack increase by so much! Team Leader Li, did… did you distribute the wrong weapons?”

Just based on the power of the weapons, the cutlass in his hand had already reached the standard of a mid grade Spirit Armament!

This wasn’t something that ordinary practitioners like them could use!

In the campsite, only practitioners who were Commanders and above were awarded such weapons!

So this soldier’s first reaction was that Huang Yueli had distributed it wrongly.

Whoever knew that Huang Yueli didn’t even bat an eyelid upon hearing that. She merely replied calmly, “This is for you, and there’s no mistake about it. It’s not only you. Everyone received the same grade Spirit Armament!”

“What? Is that true?”

The soldiers lifted the Spirit Armaments in their hands and waved it in mid-air, attempting to imbue their Profound Qi into it.

Immediately following that, they started to scream out in surprise.

“It’s true! The attack power of my Spirit Armament had also increased by 40%!”

“Mine too!”

“Heavens, this is the first time I’m holding such a high grade Spirit Armament!”

“This kind of Spirit Armament would cost at least a few hundred thousand crystal jades in the shops, right?”

Thinking of this, the soldiers looked at Huang Yueli in shock!

Any of these Spirit Armaments could be sold for a lot of money.