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Chapter 3053: Just a Good-For-Nothing (1)

“This Subordinate is from Ice Serpent Continent, and I am 27 years old this year. My cultivation is the eighth stage realm, and my military merits are…”

“This Subordinate…”

One after another, the soldiers stood up to report their names and did a basic introduction of themselves.

As Huang Yueli listened to them silently, she started to compute in her mind.

These human soldiers were basically around 30 years old and their cultivations ranged between the seventh to the ninth stage realm.

This ability among the younger human practitioners was considered not bad. No wonder they were able to become vanguards and followed Li Yukun to go to the frontlines and stations in the campsite.

Not long after, the majority of the soldiers were done with their self-introduction.

At this moment, a tall and burly practitioner standing at the end of the team slowly walked over and said, “This Subordinate is Zheng Yichuan from the White Tiger Continent. I am 29 years old this year. My cultivation is Dream Profound Realm early-phase!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s brows rose in surprise.

A 29 years old Dream Profound Realm early-phase practitioner was relatively not bad in God Realm.

She didn’t expect a human to have such high innate talent within the soldiers.

Before Huang Yueli had time to feel happy, she realized that Zheng Yichuan was staring at her arrogantly, as though he despised her as their Team Leader.

Huang Yueli’s lips curled slightly and immediately understood what he was thinking about.

This human practitioner had rather outstanding ability so he was rather unconvinced by this Team Leader who came out of nowhere.

As expected, after Zheng Yichuan’s self-introduction, he didn’t return to the group. Instead, he immediately asked, “Team Leader, we are done with our self-introductions. Shouldn’t you introduce yourself as well?”

Huang Yueli swept a cold glance at him. “Outrageous! When did I permit you to ask any questions? Since you’re done with your self-introduction, why aren’t you returning to the team? As a military officer, don’t you even know how to obey military orders?”

Zheng Yichuan assumed that he had the highest ability among Team 3. Even the previous Team Leader would show him some respect.

He didn’t expect Huang Yueli to not give him any face at all!

Zheng Yichuan was told off by her and his expression instantly grew ugly.

But Huang Yueli was his officer after all. He couldn’t openly retort her so he felt extremely aggrieved.

However, Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t notice his expression at all and swept her glance around the others.

Following that, she said, “Alright, I’ve roughly understood everyone’s situation. From no one, I am your Team Leader! We are one on the battlefield, so everyone must coordinate with me to display our greatest battle power. I don’t wish for anyone to defy the military orders! I’m putting my stand across first so if anyone drags our team down, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

After she finished, she waved her hand and said, “Alright, continue with your training!”

When Commander Hu led her and Xia Yunxi over, he told them that every team would be able to obtain a batch of resources every month, and it was time for them to collect it.

The moment Huang Yueli left, Zheng Yichuan threw his long sword on the ground and snorted coldly.

The other soldiers also swamped up with an indignant look.

“Brother Zheng, where did that Team Captain Li pop out from?”

Zheng Yichuan replied disapprovingly, “I heard that he came to our campsite yesterday, and he brought many devil stones along with him. Divine Lieutenant must have assumed that he is some incredible top expert. So that’s why he was assigned to be our Team Leader!”