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Chapter 3027 After All, We’re Both Men (5)

He self-professed that he was handsome and suave. Moreover, he was even a Spiritual Alchemist with an extremely high innate talent. In terms of cultivation in martial arts, his cultivation was also top-notch among the younger generation.

As he was especially good-looking, he only needed to reveal a slight smile to attract girls’ attention easily.

Why wasn’t he able to seduce a female Spiritual Armament Master who was dressed as a man?

Huang Yueli shot a glance at him and said amusingly, “The main reason is I’m already married and my husband is much more incredible than you! The next reason is… aren’t you asking the obvious? You’re also a woman, but you’re trying to seduce me?”

“You…” The Spiritual Alchemist’s eyes widened. “Y, yo, you… You can tell??”

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders. “I’ve seen through you long ago. When we were inside the light sphere, I could already tell that you’re a young lady.”

The Spiritual Alchemist tried to come near to her several times and her attitude was also so ambiguous. She couldn’t tell that she was also a woman, Huang Yueli would have already sent her flying with a slap! She had never been merciful towards sleazy men with ill intentions.

It was because she was also a female and she didn’t look as though she bore any ill intentions. She was just playful so Huang Yueli didn’t show any reaction nor expose her.

The Spiritual Alchemist didn’t expect her identity to be exposed, so she couldn’t say a single word for a moment.


After a long while, she pouted and said dejectedly, “Why did this happen? You saw through my disguise earlier than me? No wonder you’re not interested in me at all.”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at her and said, “Why? Are you saying that if I didn’t see through your disguise, then I should be interested in you? That’s right, you indeed have decent innate talent and ability and you’re even a Spiritual Alchemist. But as compared with my husband, you’re too far off! Not to mention in terms of innate talent or ability, even in looks, you also lose out to him!”

The Spiritual Alchemist blinked and asked in astonishment, “So, you… you’re really married? How can that be? How old are you?”

God Realm’s practitioners would usually get married later than Soaring Heavens Continent’s practitioners.

It was considered early if they got married when they are a few hundred years old. Many people would normally wait until they weren’t able to advance any further in their cultivations before they would consider marriage and give birth to leave a bloodline for their families.

Huang Yueli said, “I was already married when I was in the Lower Realm.”

“Low… Lower Realm!! You got married really very early! Did your husband ascend to God Realm with you?” After the Spiritual Alchemist asked, she felt that it was a pretty dumb question and mumbled to herself, “Oh my, what was that for. You already mentioned that your husband’s innate talent was very high. Since you said that, he should have ascended long ago, right?”

“Umm, right. He came to God Realm more than a year ago. I teleported this time because I was intending to go to the Continent where he’s in to look for him. But I didn’t expect such an accident to happen…”

Thinking of Li Moying, Huang Yueli felt sweet. All the series of dangers that caused the anxiety and security instantly vanished, and she gave off a sweet temperament.

The Spiritual Alchemist blinked and was a little stunned.

Even though Huang Yueli’s disguise did not disappear, she naturally gave off a peerless beauty’s aura.

From the looks of this, if she was dressed in women’s clothes, she should be very beautiful.

Seeing Huang Yueli giving such a blessed smile, the Spiritual Alchemist pouted.

“Sigh, I’m so envious of you. My husband just can’t be compared. We’re already married, but he’s still engaged in ambiguity with other young ladies!”