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Chapter 3024 After All, We’re Both Men (2)

“What are you doing?” Huang Yueli asked curiously

The human Spiritual Alchemist’s expression was more astounded by her. “You don’t know? Wait, are you one of the Lower Realm practitioners who had just arrived in God Realm?”

Huang Yueli instantly turned awkward. The other party said it in a way that made her seem as though she was very ignorant…

The Spiritual Alchemist continued to explain, “I’m doing this to collect the demon tribe’s devil stones. If we bring the devil stones back and hand them over to the allied armies, this acts as proof that we’ve killed the demon tribe. It is used to accumulate military merits.”

Speaking of this, he paused for a moment. Immediately after, as if he was worried that Huang Yueli couldn’t understand, he asked, “Do you know what are military merits?”

Huang Yueli paused for a moment, “Ughh, this… I think I’ve heard of it before…”

The Spiritual Alchemist was speechless. But he dutifully explained, “The so-called military merits means the practitioners from the allied armies kill those devils from the demon tribe or come out with some kind of contribution and are awarded with a type of points. When the military merits are accumulated to a certain level, our military ranks will be raised. For example, the Empyrean Fox Clan’s old man that we met during teleportation holds a military rank of Divine Lieutenant. It’s not easy to reach that rank and one might even need 100,000 military merits. Of course, military merits can also be used to exchange for cultivation methods and Spirit Armaments that are collected at the allied armies headquarters.”

Huang Yueli nodded but she wanted to continue asking as she still had some questions on her mind.

However, the human Spiritual Alchemist had also turned over. He was preparing to take action on the corpse so she could only keep the question to herself.

The sharp dagger slit a slight cut on the area between the demon tribe practitioner’s brows and pushed the sharp knife down a little. Then he prised it upwards.

This smooth action only took a couple of seconds and a light blue devil stone lay in his palm.

He dug out the other Earth Devil’s devil stone and kept the dagger away.

“Here, one for each of us! The military merits for killing Earth Devils are worth a lot. A low-class Earth Devil is worth 500 military merits!”

Huang Yueli took the devil stone and said, “Thank you.”

The Spiritual Alchemist’s way of handling things increased her favorable impression of him.

Although they indeed killed the two devils together, it was extremely reasonable to split up the military merits equally.

But Huang Yueli was like a novice. If the other party wanted to cheat her military merit, it wasn’t an especially difficult matter. However, the Spiritual Alchemist didn’t have any bad intentions at all. He even suggested splitting up the military merits and wrapping up the work to dig out the devil stone.

Huang Yueli kept the devil stone and followed the Spiritual Alchemist around the forest for a long time.

They finally reached a tree of great height when the night turned dark.

The Spiritual Alchemist pointed at the tree and said, “This kind of tree is extremely tall and the treetop is extremely level. Let’s spend the night on top so that we can avoid being attacked by most of the spirit beasts’ attacks in the forest. Moreover, the demon tribe also can’t find us. We just need to be careful of the flying spirit beasts.”

While he spoke, he had already started to climb upwards.

Huang Yueli borrowed a little wind attributed energy and hugged onto the truck. A short moment later, she had already climbed on top of the tree.

It was just like what the Spiritual Alchemist said. The treetop was distributed with densely packed leaves and was extremely level. Moreover, this tree was much taller than the other trees. Standing on top and looking at the surroundings gave her a feeling that she was looking down on other things below.

In the middle of the treetop, the Spiritual Alchemist had already tied up a piece of space.