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Chapter 3023 After All, We’re Both Men (1)

“Great, we’ve finally succeeded!”

The human Spiritual Alchemist felt a surge of pure adrenaline and wanted to dash forward.

Huang Yueli pulled on to him. “Be careful. What would happen if they aren’t dead, or if they’re just pretending to be dead?”

She used her True Phoenix Fire and thoroughly burned the two demon tribe practitioner’s bodies once again. Both of them lay on the ground, totally not moving at all.

Only then was Huang Yueli relieved. “Looks like they’re really dead!” She turned towards the human Spiritual Alchemist, cupped her hands in salute, and spoke in an earnest tone, “Luckily you’re around today. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to deal with these two Earth Devils on my own at all!”

The Spiritual Alchemist smiled and said, “That’s just a small matter, and there’s no need to say thanks at all! I’m also saving myself by saving you! This place is the demon tribe’s control area and those devils are everywhere. It wouldn’t be easy for me to return to Blessed City on my own, so if I have a companion, it will be advantageous to me.”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli smiled as well. She was rather fond of this human Spiritual Alchemist. Not only was his ability decent, but he was also a straightforward person which she appreciated a lot.

She thought for a moment and asked, “Earlier you mentioned that we have landed on the demon tribe’s control area? What place is this exactly?”

The human Spiritual Alchemist said, “I’m not too sure as well. But yesterday night, I studied the stars in the sky and gauged that we are a few hundred miles away from Blessed City. If we were to travel on the official channel, we will be able to reach in a few days. But now, it wouldn’t be easy for us to find the way out under the eyes of the demon tribe…”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but frown, “How could this be? The light sphere which we teleported in was already at Blessed City’s city walls when we came out from the void space, wasn’t it?”

“When the light sphere shattered, the impact was too great. It deviated from the designated route and floated to the demon tribe’s side. Additionally, when we fell, we met with the time when the demonic qi happened to be dispersed, so we floated along with the flow of the demonic qi for a couple of days. That’s why we were thrown to the current location.”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she asked in surprise, “So, it has already been a couple of days since we have been attacked??”

“That’s right.” The human Spiritual Alchemist nodded.

Huang Yueli was astounded.

To her, being unconscious for such a long time was an extremely rare occurrence. Especially after her soul trace had merged as one with the Sky Phoenix Ring, with the aid of the god relic, her willpower was much stronger than ordinary practitioners. So ordinary poison gas basically did not affect her at all.

She didn’t expect this demonic qi to have such a great impact on her!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli attempted to call Little Wang Cai in her mind.

However, she didn’t receive any response. The Sky Phoenix Ring was silent, without any sound at all.

This made Huang Yueli extremely worried. But with the human Spiritual Alchemist around, she couldn’t enter the Sky Phoenix Ring to check. So she could only endure with


“Right, there’s something…”

Huang Yueli wanted to continue asking questions, but the Spiritual Alchemist shook his finger.

“This is not a good place to talk. The sky is starting to turn dark, so we should leave this place first. I’ve found a few relatively safe places in the surroundings. Let’s spend the next few nights there.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and was about to leave when she saw the human Spiritual Alchemist walking towards the two Earth Devil corpses. He bent down and took a small dagger out.