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Chapter 3025 After All, We’re Both Men (3)

Huang Yueli walked over and sat cross-legged on the ground.

“I didn’t expect you to find such a suitable campsite. Looks like you’ve accumulated a vast amount of experience during experience learning.”

The Spiritual Alchemist smiled and said, “Actually, I’m also a practitioner who ascended from the Lower Realm.”

“You’re also a Lower Realm ascender?” Huang Yueli asked in surprise.

If it was in Soaring Heavens Continent, Huang Yueli would be able to find a campsite very quickly. But she didn’t understand anything in God Realm, so she could only slowly find her way out.

Whereas for this Spiritual Alchemist, he knew the surroundings like the back of his hand. He totally didn’t look like a greenhorn at all.

The Spiritual Alchemist nodded his head and gave a brief explanation. “I just entered the demon tribe’s control area a couple of months ago. That’s why I know a little about this place.”

Huang Yueli had some doubts but since it was the other party’s private affair, it wasn’t very nice for her to ask too much about it.

She remained silent for a moment, then started to ask the question which was burning on her mind. “Right, earlier when I was at the swamp, I overheard those two devils saying this area seems to be called the Toxic Swamp… what place is this? Do you know anything about it?”.

The Spiritual Alchemist thought for a moment and said, “The Toxic Swamp is an area which is in the deeper end of the demon tribe’s control area. But the swamp is very big so we should still be around its exterior. Otherwise, we won’t just meet with only two devils!”

Huang Yueli asked again, “Those two devils also said that the demon tribe had incited the attacks because there’s this Lord Ruize who is advancing into Sky Devil end-phase. They’re already attacked Blessed City continuously several times. This time, we were ambushed because the demon tribe wanted to find god clan practitioners to offer to Lord Ruize. As for the two of us… we’re being victimized.” “So it’s like this… Sky Devil end-phase practitioners are equivalent to Human Race’s Dao Profound Realm end-phase. They are considered to be top-rated exponents. One person can eliminate a thousand or more ordinary practitioners. If he really succeeds in advancing, the humans will suffer even greater losses…” The Spiritual Alchemist sighed with a pensive mood.

Whatever he said was very normal. However, Huang Yueli suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Unknowingly, the Spiritual Alchemist suddenly got nearer and nearer to her.

Now, they were seated next to each other and the other party was still leaning closer to her.

Huang Yueli didn’t like to have such close interactions with anyone. She instantly frowned and said, “Don’t lean so close to me while you’re talking.”

His lips curled slightly and suddenly revealed a devilish smile.

“The treetop is a little cold. The wind tonight is cold and windy. We should come closer to warm ourselves up. Tonight, let’s sleep under the same blanket!”

This sounded rather ambiguous but Huang Yueli wasn’t angry at all. She rolled her eyes at him and said, “No need. I’m not used to getting so close to anyone else.”

“Why? Are you shy? We’re both men, after all, so what’s there to be shy about? Or are you really a young lady in a man’s disguise?”

The Spiritual Alchemist had an evil smile. When paired with that handsome and slightly feminine look, the setting sun rays filled it with a charming feel.

Even for Huang Yueli who was used to Li Moying’s out-of-the-world handsome countenance, she couldn’t help but take a couple more looks at him.

Everyone loved to look at beautiful things.

The Spiritual Alchemist detected Huang Yueli’s gaze and his smile turned even more confident. He inclined forward and inched closer to Huang Yueli.