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Chapter 3016 Who Do You Think You Are? (6)

Even the guards beside Li Moying and Jing Shaoyuan were also dizzy from seeing such dazzling assaults.

In just under a quarter of an hour, the both of them had already attacked each other for more than a hundred rounds.

Following the passing of time, Li Moying’s face slowly revealed an impatient expression!

Jing Shaoyuan was indeed the strongest heaven grade genius before Li Moying appeared. His cultivation, experience, and reaction speed were all top-notch. Even his moves were relatively ruthless! No wonder he was able to achieve such outstanding merits at such a young age in the war against the demon tribe!

He was indeed an extremely difficult opponent to deal with.

If it was usual, Li Moying wouldn’t mind exchanging blows with him as a form of interaction. After all, it was difficult to find peers whose abilities were not far off from his.

But now, he was worried about Huang Yueli’s safety. So this long battle left him extremely frustrated

Li Moying was not in the mood to prolong the battle, and he wanted to gain victory swiftly. So he couldn’t care about reserving any power and increased the speed of his attacks!

As for Jing Shaoyuan, he was so shocked that it couldn’t be described in mere words!

When he suggested challenging Li Moying earlier, he slighted him with disdain!

“So what if Li Moying’s innate talent is so great? He’s still so young and he came from the Lower Realm. How powerful can he be?”

In reality, Jing Shaoyuan realized that his thinking wasn’t wrong at all. Li Moying’s cultivation had just broken through to Heart Profound Realm, and the latter was weaker than himself!

Furthermore, the Profound Skills that Li Moying utilized weren’t very profound. It was apparent that he had not fully mastered all the manuscripts in Cloudy Qilin Clan.

So logically speaking, he would definitely win against an opponent who had such a huge disparity from him!

However, when they crossed hands, Jing Shaoyuan realized that he was wrong!

Li Moying’s cultivation was indeed not high. But his control towards his Profound Energy had reached perfection. There was not one ounce of energy that was wasted, and it was displaying the greatest firepower!

Moreover, his observation skills were much stronger than a veteran practitioner on the battlefield like Jing Shaoyuan!

The scariest part was Li Moying’s speed.

Although thunder attributed practitioners originally had a slightly greater advantage in terms of speed. But wasn’t his speed a little too fast! How could there be anyone who could achieve such a standard of speed?

Every time, Jing Shaoyuan felt that Li Moying’s speed should have already reached the limit.

But the next time Li Moying made his move, his speed was raised once again, to an even faster pace!

Jing Shaoyuan didn’t dare to slight his opponent right now. In fact, he was feeling vexed that he had underestimated the enemy earlier.

He had already worked up his concentration and was fully focused on observing Li Moying’s control over the electric currents. But he found that it was getting tougher and tougher, and even harder to deal with him…

Unknowingly, Jing Shoayuan’s intense attack was suppressed by Li Moying. He had also changed from an attack state to defense.

All the practitioners present could tell that Jing Shaoyuan was already on the losing end.

Li Tian Yi and the others were originally worried that their Young Master would be injured during the battle. Now, they could finally heave a sigh of relief.

But Jing Shaoyuan and his soldiers totally couldn’t believe that this situation would ever happen. All of them looked at one another in dismay.

“Are you kidding me? Lieutenant Jing, is he… going to lose?”