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Chapter 3017 Who Do You Think You Are? (7)

“Are you blind? How could Lieutenant Jing possibly lose! That insolent young punk dared to fight with Lieutenant Jing. I believe that he will be beaten hands down, so badly that he will not be able to pick himself up!”

“But… but now, Lieutenant Jing’s attacks seem to be suppressed?”

“So what about that? It’s not as if only the attacking side will gain victory! Lieutenant Jing wants to save time, so he intentionally makes himself look like a fool. He will find a chance to defeat the opponent in one move! This is called outsmarting the opponent, understand?”

“I see… That’s what I thought too. Lieutenant Jing’s ability is so excellent and he had never been defeated among the younger generations. How could he possibly lose to a pretty boy?”

The soldiers made their wild guesses and finally heaved a long sigh of relief.

Although they recognized Li Moying’s power, no one would ever believe that Li Moying could defeat the invincible Jing Shaoyuan.

After all, Jing Shaoyuan’s fame wasn’t falsified. It was accumulated through his military credits which he had slowly attained!

Among the practitioners in Blessed City, Jing Shaoyuan was the representation of a strong practitioner. So how could he possibly be defeated?

Only Li Tian Yi and the others knew how strong their Young Master was.

Hearing the soldiers’ whispers, their faces surfaced with meaningful smiles.

The difference between god grade genius and heaven grade geniuses was not something that ordinary people had thought out to be that simple. If it wasn’t for the fact that they had spent so much time with Li Moying, they would also find it hard to imagine just how powerful Li Moying could be!

Even a Dao Profound Realm top exponent like Huang Sanbai was forced to back down in Flame Square City previously. What more for Jing Shaoyuan, whose cultivation was not any higher than Li Moying’s?

As expected, Li Moying and Jing Shaoyuan fought for a dozen over moves and the latter’s defeat was already very obvious.

Now, even Jing Shaoyuan’s vassals who were most confident of him did not dare to say a word.

By now, if one still dared to say that Jing Shaoyuan would definitely win, that person must be lying through his teeth.

But no one understood why did things turn out to such a state!

At this moment, Jing Shaoyuan who was in the fight was drenched in sweat!

He practically used all his moves and tried his best but wasn’t able to turn from defense to attack. Instead, he was suppressed even badly by Li Moying. Several times, he tried to find Li Moying’s flaw, but what left him shocked was that even under such astonishing speed, Li Moying didn’t make any minute mistakes at all. Each blow was executed perfectly.

Jing Shaoyuan was being pushed back.

Finally, after an intense crash, Li Moying’s electric current broke through Jing Shaoyuan’s defense. “Ughhhh…” Jing Shaoyuan gave off a dull moan.

The clashing of their weapons abruptly stopped.

After the blinding light dispersed, everyone realized that Jing Shaoyuan had been struck by a sword at his ribcage, and blood kept spurting out.

He used his hand to clutch the injured part and his fingers were stained with blood. But there wasn’t any painful expression on his face. He stared at Li Moying with a complicated gaze.

Li Moying lifted the long sword with a cold expression. There were no emotions on his face, and as compared to the time when he just started to make his move, he seemed calmer now. It felt as though the battle earlier had not affected him at all.

“Lieutenant Jing! You… what’s wrong with


Jing Shaoyuan’s subordinates widened their eyes in disbelief.