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Who Do You Think You Are? (5)

He could make the so-called god grade genius understand what a real genius in God Realm was, and also put down his arrogance!

Li Moying’s expression was gloomy and his Profound Energy couldn’t be controlled as it was on the verge of exploding.

“So, you’re bent on not letting me go over today?”

Jing Shaoyuan wrapped his arms around his chest and sneered, “If you have the ability, barge through my defense line then! In the allied armies, we only talk using military credits and ability, and not your so-called innate talent! Originally I didn’t intend to bother about you since you don’t have any military credits, and directly treat you as a spy then capture you! But since you’re the only god grade genius in God Realm… if you can defeat me, I’ll let you pass. How about it? This is the care that I can show you!”

Jing Shaoyuan said without any restraining fear, as a provocative look was shown beneath his eyes.

The glow in Li Moying’s gaze flickered slightly, as though he was considering.

Jing Shaoyuan’s brows rose and he continued to incite him, “Why? You don’t dare to? Looks like the legendary god grade genius is just SO-SO…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly felt a burning sense of crisis which made his heart palpitate!

Jing Shaoyuan was indeed a top rate genius practitioner in God Realm. He instantly reacted and used his body movement Profound Skill to speedily step to the rear left corner!

“Rumble—”A loud boom was heard!

A deep pit which was created by a ray of lightning from the sky appeared at Jing Shaoyuan’s original position/ The pit’s mud was charred and smoke was billowing from it.

If he hadn’t managed to evade in time, he would have become a charred corpse by now.

When the human soldiers saw this, they were so shocked that their faces paled with fright. A cold feeling arose from the pits of their hearts.

This Cloudy Qilin Clan’s young practitioner looked like a gigolo. Whoever knew that his movements were so incisive and overbearing!

Those people who were still doubting Li Moying’s ability felt that this god grade genius was different from what they had imagined. As for now, everyone realized that they were totally mistaken!

Even for Jing Shaoyuan, his expression also turned grave. He stared tightly at Li Moying and slowly said, “You’re very bold! Moreover, you do have some abilities! Too bad, you can forget about winning me with just this bit of ability! Today, I’ll show you my real ability!”

Li Moying sneered coldly, “What’s up with all the nonsense? Hurry up if you’re going to strike. I’m rushing for time!”

“Alright, since you’re in a hurry to get beaten, I won’t hold back!”

Jing Shaoyuan was amused. He had already deemed Li Moying as an ignorant fool and wanted to teach him an unforgettable lesson!

Li Moying couldn’t be bothered to reply. His moves were like lightning as he attacked Jing Shaoyuan once again!

Jing Shaoyuan was rather conceited in his words but when he witnessed Li Moying’s ability, he didn’t dare to slack and was totally focused on crossing hands with the latter.

Their attributes were both attack attributes so when they fought, they started with strong mutual attacks.

The golden ray and purple electric currents kept crashing against each other in mid-air. The explosive sounds were deafening.

These human soldiers couldn’t open their eyes due to the bright light and hurriedly retreated backward. A number of them couldn’t take on this intense attack and started to throw up.