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Chapter 3005 Have Never Succeeded Before (1)

“If one continues to take it in large amounts, it might even numb a practitioner’s soul trace. Perhaps, one might even die from it…”

Little Wang Cai’s flustered voice recollected in Huang Yueli’s mind.

At this moment, Huang Yueli only wanted to grab that little fellow out and shake him on the ground a hundred times, to hear the water sound in his head!

“What kind of timing was it now? Why didn’t it tell her this earlier!”

“Now, everything is too late!”

Huang Yueli had completely lost her consciousness. Her body went limp and she fell straight towards the ground…

Empyrean Fox Continent, Blessed City.

Li Moying’s flying ship had already reached the skies above the Blessed City.

“Young Master, Blessed City is a military town and no one is allowed to pass through the sky with an aviation treasure armament. Otherwise, they are assumed to be from the demon tribe, and would be attacked without any disparity…” Li Tian Yi carefully reminded.

Li Moying nodded upon hearing that. “We will descend here and enter the city by foot. Also, remind everyone to keep a low profile after they enter the city. We’re only here to pick her up, so don’t clash with the soldiers who are stationed in Blessed City.”

Li Tian Ti couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing that. He was slightly worried and burned with anxiety that Li Moying might disregard Blessed City’s regulations and directly rush in!

Ever since Li Moying found out about Huang Yueli’s disappearance, he had been unsettled, and also do things irrationally. From the looks of it, it seemed that Li Tian Yi had been thinking too much. His Young Master was still able to tell the weight of the matter.

In reality, Li Moying had already resumed his usual calm and composed demeanor.

After all, he already knew about his Li’er’s whereabouts. Moreover, he felt that he would be able to pick her up from Blessed City!

As long as his Li’er was safe and sound, nothing could shake up his determination. So he would naturally become the normal Li Moying

His mood even turned especially good when he thought of becoming reunited with his wife, whom he had separated for more than a year.

The flying ship landed in the neighboring village around Blessed City. Bringing a few guards, Li Moying entered Blessed City.

They were from the Cloudy Qilin clan and they had clean records so the process of entering the city was extremely smooth.

But Li Moying didn’t go to Cloudy Qilin clan’s military convergence in Blessed City. Instead, he went to an inn and settled down there in an extremely low-profile manner.

As the speed of the flying ship was very fast, it arrived one day in advance.

So he only needed to wait for another two days and Huang Yueli would arrive in Blessed City.

While waiting for her arrival, Li Moying made several preparations. He ordered a tailor-made flowing dress and even bought Huang Yueli’s favorite fruit, preparing to give his wife a surprise!

Two days later, Li Moying led his men over to the teleportation array early in the morning.

This place was military grounds so Li Moying didn’t dare to go too near. Hence he could only wait from afar.

Whoever knew that they had been waiting from morning to afternoon and after mid-afternoon. But they didn’t see the teleportation array lighting up.

When it was near evening time, a strange light suddenly appeared and immediately following that, bursts of strong light kept flashing. The explosive sounds also kept ringing.

Even the grounds in Blessed City also started to tremble!

“What’s going on? What happened?” Li Moying looked at the sky and the explosive ray was extremely eye-piercing. It had completely covered the setting sun’s glow!

For some unknown reason, Li Moying suddenly had a bad premonition!

Just at this moment, the soldiers around the teleportation array suddenly ran towards the south!