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Chapter 3004 Who Will Die at the End (4)

Lastly, he fell right into the demon tribe’s battle formation. Giving off a miserable cry, he was completely swallowed by the demonic Qi.

The amount of time that the Empyrean Fox Clan’s Elder persisted was must longer than what Huang Yueli and the Spiritual Alchemist had gauged.

It was exactly because of this which helped the other Empyrean Fox Clan’s practitioners gain quite a bit of time.

It was only after the demon tribe had killed that Elder before they turned towards their second targets – the remaining three Empyrean Fox Clan’s practitioners.

At this moment, the three of them had already used all their means to flee away into three different directions!

The Empyrean Fox Clan’s underlying attribute was wind, so changing directions in mid-air wasn’t difficult for them at all.

The demon tribe was delayed by some time from the start and adding on that the three of them had split ways, it was already too late to catch up to them.

Huang Yueli saw this. Based on the situation, at least two out of the three should be able to escape. “They’re really lucky…” Huang Yueli mumbled silently.


The three men from the Empyrean Fox Clan were able to escape so smoothly, so there was no need to say for Huang Yueli and the human Spiritual Alchemist.

The demon tribe practitioners couldn’t be bothered about the two of them at all.

This gave them ample time to escape. Huang Yueli’s main attribute wasn’t wind attribute, but she had already gained her fire wings when she was in Soaring Heavens Continent. Although she could not fly for a long period, borrowing the fire attributed energy would allow her to temporarily levitate in mid-air and could also achieve the speed and reactive force of landing easily. So she observed the surrounding situation unhurriedly, looking for a suitable place to land.

At this moment, she totally could not be bothered about the situation of that Spiritual Alchemist.

The two of them originally didn’t know each other. They were even considered as acquaintances, at most, they were just temporary partners.

Now that their cooperation had come to an end, of course, they would go in different directions!

Huang Yueli observed for a moment longer and originally decided to descend in the northern direction.

Based on her estimate, Blessed City should be on the north of the place where they fell.

Alas, the best laid out plan could also go wrong. Just as she was about to reach the ground, her vision suddenly turned black, and she realized that she could not see clearly at all!

“This… what situation is this?” Huang Yueli was so shocked that she broke out in a sweat!

At this moment, Little Wang Cai’s voice sounded in her soul trace. “Female Devil, this feeling, I… I seem to have some impression…”

Huang Yueli was totally lost and quickly asked, “What feeling? What impression do you have?”

Little Wang Cai seemed as though it was recollecting something and said intermittently, “This… I feel that… this aura, I seem to have smelled it somewhere before… hmm… that… this…”

Huang Yueli listened to Little Wang Cai’s hemming and hawing and almost spat out blood!

She was enveloped in this black qi. Not only did her vision not come back, but even her body was also slowly turning weak. She wasn’t about to mobilize any of her Profound Energy at all…

Next would be her soul trace being affected, and she would become retarded…

“Oh, right! This is one kind of miasma in the God Realm! It would often appear in God Realm’s swamps. If one smelled too much of it, it would affect the practitioner’s five senses…”