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Chapter 2969: Too Despicable and Shameless (1)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“How could such a thing happen? You must have done something to the assessment mechanism!” President Gao said disgruntledly.

At the same time, he shot up to the side of the assessment mechanism and started to examine it carefully.

“What tricks are you up to? We have been buddies for so many years. Aren’t you being unkind, trying to cheat my money in this way!’

Grandmaster Xiao had a helpless look on his face. “Old Gao, do you think I’m that kind of person? I usually like to crack jokes uith everyone, but to commit fraud uñth the assessment mechanism is something that I will never do!”

President Gao was so infuriated that he lost his rationality. Now that he calmed dowm a little and thought things through, it was indeed so.

As one of God Realm’s top rated Sky Gem Grandmasters, Grandmaster Xiao respected his occupation very much.

He might deceive people in other matters, but when it was related to Spirit Armaments , he would not talk about it blindly.

But if Grandmaster Xiao didn’t commit fraud, wouldn’t that mean..

President Gao’s eyes widened as he looked at the armor that Grandmaster Xiao was holding and that long sword which he couldn’t wait to keep in his realm ring, his eyes slowly turned green uñth envy.

“So.. so, these Spirit Armaments are really… are they really better than those that he previously refined??”

Grandmaster Xiao nodded solemnly, “That’s right!”

“But, this… this isn’t logical, right? Young Master Li only took less than one hour to refine a Spirit Armament. Based on his cultivation and experience, this should already be the limit, so how could he also balance the quality of the armament? How does he even do this? Moreover speaking, the Spirit Armament that he brought to ask you for pointers , shouldn’t those already be his best works?”

President Gao frowned , unable to comprehend the situation.

Grandmaster Xiao looked pensive and said, “Actually, This Grandmaster sort of understands what is going on…”

“What’s going on?” President Gao asked in anticipation.

Grandmaster Xiao said, “Let me put it in this way. Those Spirit Armaments that Young Master Li brought out during my lecture were already his best works. But now, he’s improved again!”

“Improved?? Are you joking??” President Gao was dazed, not knowing if he should laugh or cry. “It’s just been one night, and his Spirit Armament refining standard had such a great improvement? Those Spirit Armaments’ power might have increased by 5%, but based on the limits, increasing by 5% is as difficult as climbing up to the sky! Why would he suddenly, suddenly.. imp.

Improve.. ”

Speaking to this point, President Gao suddenly thought of something, and his voice abruptly stopped, looking at Grandmaster Xiao in disbelief.

Grandmaster Xiao sighed softly and nodded his head. “It should be exactly as what I thought. Earlier when I was discussing V’äth Young Master, I corrected some of the mistakes that he made and also shared my understanding of the art of refining Spirit Armaments. Young Master Li might have listened to me and immediately put into practice the improvements.”

President Gao was tongue-tied. “But… but this is even more ridiculous! Those techniques that you told him earlier require a long time to practice in order to master them, not to mention using them when refining armaments! Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to digest it completely and apply it, even in a few years!”

“But Young Master Li isn’t an ordinary person!” Grandmaster Xiao sighed v•äth emotions.. “He could possibly be the most heaven- defying Spirit Armament refining genius that I have ever met!”