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Chapter 2968: Who Is More Disadvantaged? (6)

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However, Huang Yueli remained unmoved.

Shaking her head, she said, “No thanks, Grandmaster Xiao. I’m in a rush for time so it’s better to complete refining first! Today, I’d have to complete at least ten pieces of Spirit Armaments. In this way, I only need to refine the remaining ten pieces tomorrow and my mission is completed.”

Hearing that, even the composed Grandmaster Xiao’s expression also became twisted.

“Refining ten Spirit Armaments in a day, and he was going to refine continuously for two days!”

“Who did this lad think he was?’

“Even if his Spirit Armament refining skills were proficient and his speed was very fast, but does he even know how much Profound Energy would be consumed?”

“Forget about the fact that he was just a tenth stage realm practitioner. Even if his cultivation was in Dream Profound Realm end-phase, he might not be able to hang on!”

Grandmaster Xiao naturally couldn’t have thought that Huang Yueli’s true cultivation wasn’t in the tenth stage realm, but was in the Dream Profound Realm mid-phase.

Moreover, Huang Yueli was a genuine practitioner who had undergone strict training. Her endurance wasn’t something that those pampered Spiritual Armament Masters could compare with.

Grandmaster Xiao was feeling worried but when he saw Huang Yueli lighting up the furnace again, he didn’t interrupt her. Instead, he looked at President

“Old Gao, shall we have a bet?’

President Gao saw Grandmaster Xiao shovfrug a strange smile , resembling a fox, and the alarm bells in his heart started to ring.

“Bet? What bet? I’m not betting!” Grandmaster Xiao was never one utho would take a disadvantage. President Gao wasn’t that silly to fall for his trap.

Grandmaster Xiao unhurriedly lifted the armor in his hand and said, “Are you certain that you not bet? I’m preparing to go assess this armor’s defensive power. If it isn’t as powerful as the one that you have, then I’ll pay for all those twenty pieces of Spirit Armaments that you have! If this piece is more powerful…”

‘Then I’ll help you pay for all your twenty pieces of Spirit Armaments!”

President Gao hastily continued and shouted, “Alright, I’ll accept your bet!”

The Spirit Armaments that Huang Yueli sold to him were expensive. One piece cost 250 thousand so everything added together would cost five million high grade crystal jades!

It was enough to purchase a mid grade Treasure Armament.

To President Gao, this was a huge expense.

Although he didn’t mind this amount of money, since someone was offering to pay the bill, that would be for the best. So how could he miss out on this chance?

Moreover, in President Gao’s opinion, Grandmaster Xiao must have lost his mind to raise such a bet!

How could this second piece of Spirit Armament be more powerful than the previous piece?

Unless the sun rose from the west, otherwise such a ridiculous matter would not happen at all!

Grandmaster Xiao’s lips curled up as he knew Old Gao would definitely fall for The two of them had known each other for so many years, and he had been tricked so many times. But yet he still didn’t learn his lesson. Sigh..

Grandmaster Xiao didn’t say anything more and directly walked to the assessment mechanism, placing the armor on top.

It only took a few seconds for the result to be out.

‘This armor’s defensive power is much higher by 65% than similar standardized armors! The one with you is only higher by 60%. So the one that I have is a little stronger…” Grandmaster Xiao smiled slightly as he spoke slowly. Then he cupped his hands at President Gao, “Old Gao, thank you for giving in to me! You’re so kind to give me five million high grade spirit cwstals. I’ll happily accept it then._”

President Gao’s eyes turned green with envy upon seeing this result.. He cried out in disbelief, “Impossible! This is not possible!”