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Chapter 2967: Who Is More Disadvantaged? (5)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations


A loud reverberation was heard and an eye -catching crack appeared Mith the sound on the assessment mechanism’s boulder.

President Gao looked on with admiration. “Indeed Young Master Li’s workmanship. Even if it was such a hurriedly finished Spirit Armament, it could even leave a crack on the assessment mechanism It’s really. E”

Before he could finish his exclamation, he suddenly paused with widened eyes. He stared straight at the figures on the assessment mechanism.

‘This… this…”

President Gao’s mouth was agape. He wanted to say something but he was like a mute who couldn’t make a single sound.

Grandmaster Xiao’s face was filled uñth smiles as he kept the long sword. “Hehe, Old Gao, you’re absolutely right! It’s indeed Young Master Li’s workmanship. He casually refined a long sword and its might is much higher than the previous one! The upgrade in the arrack power has reached 75%!”

President Gao couldn’t say a single word for a long time. He felt a dull pain in his chest and almost fainted from it!

Earlier he was being so complacent, feeling that he had gained an advantage in getting a better Spirit Armament than Grandmaster Xiao. Whoever knew that it only took a couple of breaths for reality to strike him on the face!

Where was he going to put his face as a Sky Gem Grandmaster and branch President!

Moreover, wasn’t this a little too ridiculous?

Everyone knew that uhen a Spiritual Armament Master was meticulously refining a Spirit Armament, the amount of time and energy spent would increase along with the powerful might.

Young Master Li had rushed to refine this but it didn’t seem as though he had spent too much energy on refining the Spirit Armament. How could it possibly be much better than the selected one?

President Gao couldn’t comprehend it so he deemed it as a Idnd of luck.

“Hmpf, your luck is pretty good! You’re lucky to have met Young Master Li outdoing himself, hence coming out with this long sword! But this Idnd of luck would most probably happen only once. You just have one piece of Spirit Armament which is better than mine. The other 19 pieces would definitely lose out to me! In conclusion, I’m the one          benefitted the most!’

President Gao was rather disgruntled initially. But he looked at it from another perspective and sorted out his thinking.

He didn’t believe that Huang Yueli would be able to surpass the standard every single time !

However, Grandmaster Xiao’s smile didn’t disappear on hearing that. Not only so, but he also spoke with a happy tone, “Old Gao, are you that certain that Young Master Li is only lucky?”

President Gao snorted. “If it’s not luck, what else could it be?”

He didn’t doubt Huang Yueli’s armament refining ability, but no matter how powerful she was, surely she couldn’t go beyond logic, right?

Grandmaster Xiao gave a meaningful smile and said, “Alright, then we’ll just wait and see!”

President Gao subconsciously frowned when he heard that. He looked suspiciously at Grandmaster Xiao.

‘This wily, old fox, what was he up to? He seems very confident? Could he be pretending? Is there some plot that I missed out on??”

President Gao couldn’t understand, so he stood by the armament refining room’s entrance to wait for Huang Yueli to complete the refinement.

After another hour or so, Huang Yueli walked out again, holding a piece of armor.

‘”Grandmaster Xiao, this is the second Spirit Armament. Please take a look.”

Grandmaster Xiao received it with a big smile and asked concernedly, “Young Master Li, it’s been hard on you! You ought to take a break after continuously refining Spirit Armaments! Old Gao has already got the maids to prepare some tea and snacks..”