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Chapter 2966: Who Is More Disadvantaged? (4)

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As though there was a kind of invisible glow that was released from the sword blade.

The three of them looked at the long sword without blinking, forgetting to talk as they revealed a look of admiration.

Seeing that they were absorbed in this, Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders indifferently and continued to refine the next Spirit Armament.

By the time they came back to their senses, they discovered that Huang Yueli had already lit the fire. Then they looked at each other in dismay.

President Gao asked in astonishment, “Why didn’t Young Master Li rest before he continued to refine? Can his body take it?”

Refining Spirit Armaments was absolutely an exhaustive job that required a large amount of Profound Energy, stamina, and concentration.

So Spiritual Armament Masters would spend a certain amount of time to cultivate, mainly not to fight, but to have sufficient energy to support the high intensity of refinement.

The more complicated the Spirit Armament, the more energy they consumed.

Taking Huang Yueli’s exclusive method to refine Spirit Armaments as an example, the might of the armament was much stronger than ordinary Spirit Armaments. So naturally, the refining process was also more complicated.

Through the Sky Phoenix Ring, Huang Yueli had suppressed her cultivation at the tenth stage realm early-phase.

To President Gao and the others, based on her cultivation, she should have been tired out from just refining a long sword!

Whoever knew that she seemed as though she didn’t consume much energy and didn’t even bother to drink water before she started refining the second piece of Spirit Armament.

Grandmaster Bai was also a little worried and he frowned. “Can Young Master Li take it? Even if he was in a rush for time, surely he can’t ruin his body in this way, right? At most, he can just refine lesser armaments! If this goes on, if he faints in the middle of refinement, it might cause another explosion again! Shall I go give him some advice? What do you think, Grandmaster Xiao?” Grandmaster Bai turned and looked at Grandmaster Xiao as he spoke.

But Grandmaster Xiao seemed as though he didn’t hear what he said. He held on to the long sword with both hands and stared at it fixedly.

President Gao also found it a little strange and asked, “Grandmaster Xiao, what are you looking at? This sword… is there a problem with it?”

“What’s the problem? The problem is major!” Grandmaster Xiao jumped up in a second. Carrying the long sword, he ran out of the courtyard. “This lad, he’s a top grade genius Spiritual Armament Master. No one has his level of comprehension! ”

“Huh? What do you mean??”

Grandmaster Bai and President Gao took a look at each other and they were totally bewildered. They couldn’t understand what Grandmaster Xiao meant.

But seeing that he had left, they also hurriedly chased up to him.

Grandmaster Xiao ran to the courtyard and stopped right in front of the Spiritual Armament might testing mechanism.

Grandmaster Bai then understood what was going on. “It looks like Grandmaster Xiao wants to test Young Master Li’s newly refined Spirit

Armament’s might!”

President Gao burst out into laughter on seeing this. “Old Xiao, you’re too particular! The Spirit Armament that Young Master Li refined so last-minute definitely can’t be compared to that piece which he took out at the lecture. That long sword should be the best among the numerous long swords that he had refined in the past! Why did Old Xiao come here to test it? Could it be that he wants to exchange with me if this is not as good as the other piece? I’m not a fool, I won’t exchange with him!”

President Gao assumed that he had seen through Grandmaster Xiao’s mind!

Speaking of this, Grandmaster Xiao indeed was on the losing end. But the principle was always ‘first come first serve’ , even more so for transactions!

It was simply a brilliant and wise choice to ask to purchase the Spirit Armaments!

He wrapped his arms around his chest in a relaxed manner, watching Grandmaster Xiao lifting the long sword and striking it down on the assessment mechanism!