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Chapter 2965: Who Is More Disadvantaged? (3)

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Never in Grandmaster Xiao’s imagination would he have thought that Huang Yueli had already used that ‘rundown furnace’ to refine a whole pile of Spirit Armaments.

Moreover, she even used the True Phoenix Fire then. As compared to the deviant flame that she was using now, to conceal her identity, the temperature was much higher!

But under her powerful control, that low-quality Spirit Armament furnace didn’t malfunction at all.

However, she didn’t bother to explain too much. Huang Yueli merely said “Thank you” and received the Spirit Armament furnace.

In that instance when she relit the flame, her mind flashed past a thought.

That scene that surfaced earlier, was it real or fake? Surely, Li Moying wouldn’t really… have met with some kind of danger, sustaining a heavy injury and coughing out blood, right?

Just thinking of this made her hand tremble again.

She almost caused another explosion in the Spirit Armament furnace once again!

Luckily, that furnace was good quality stuff and was extremely solid. Hence it wasn’t damaged that quickly.

Huang Yueli quickly retracted her thoughts and suppressed the uneasiness in her mind, as she continued to refine once again.

The moment she was fully concentrated, her attention was undivided and all Huang Yueli could see was the Spirit Armament which she was refining.

Grandmaster Xiao and the others stood in a distance, worried that she might cause another explosion again.

In the end, after the initial chaos, Huang Yueli quickly entered into the situation and her hand gestures were becoming swifter and precise as time went by…

At the later stage when the Spirit Armament was about to form, her fingers moved so swiftly that it made everyone’s eyes go blurry. Even for an experienced veteran like Grandmaster Xiao, he almost lost track of her movements.

“Oh my gosh, this.. what kind of hand movement is that! How could he be so fast?”

“Before Young Master Li started to refine, he already told This Grandmaster that when he fuses the energy field and materials, it required his soul trace to find out the link and changes between the two items and slowly find a compatible fusion point… this is an extremely intricate work! He… how could


“Young Master Li seemed as though he hadnt thought carefully over this. It was all based on his instinct!”

If it was said that Huang Yueli’s explosion was a mistake that made these few Sky Gem Grandmasters wrongly think that she was a novice, hence her techniques were still not proficient.

But now, everyone had already forgotten about the little episode that had happened earlier. They were completely awed by her skillful tactics!

The speed of a Spiritual Armament Master refining Spirit Armaments was mainly decided by experience.

As compared to those veteran Spiritual Armament Masters who had hundreds of years of experience, Huang Yueli’s display of speed was not inferior in any aspect!

But she looked really young…

This kind of contradiction made the three Sky Gem Grandmasters think that they were dreaming!

It only took less than one hour for Huang Yueli to produce her first Spirit Armament.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and lifted her hand to open the Spirit Armament furnace lid.

“Grandmaster Xiao, this is the long sword which I showed during the lecture.

I’ve refined another piece accordingly. Please examine it!”

She wore a pair of specialized insulated gloves to take out the long sword, then passed it to Grandmaster Xiao.

Grandmaster Bai and President Gao also crowded around, as their eyes opened wide, looking at those smooth lines on that beautiful long sword.

It only took such a short amount of time to refine. The three of them were worried that Huang Yueli had cheated on the workmanship and materials of the Spirit Armament!

But after taking a look, the finished product was so beautiful that they couldn’t pick out a single flaw at all.

Moreover, the long sword’s exterior was no different from ordinary improved standardized Spirit Armaments. But it was strange because it somehow felt that this sword was even more beautiful than the original piece..