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Chapter 2955: Bad News, They’re Fighting! (1)

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President Gao’s voice was getting softer as he spoke and uthen he came to the end of the sentence, it was full of guilt.

He was offering to pay for those Spirit Armaments, naturally not to use it, but to conduct research on it.

But a Spiritual Armament Master’s exclusive method had always been a secret that had not been revealed to outsiders.

Even though many people would secretly buy out other Spiritual Armament Grandmasters’ works to research on them, this matter wasn’t something scarce, nor was it something that could be stopped.

But to directly find that Spiritual Armament Master to purchase their refined armaments with such evident intention would easily enrage the other party.

Thinking of this, President Gao hurriedly added, “Young Master Li, if I’ve been too indiscreet, will you please…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Huang Yueli asked, “I can sell it to you. But how much are you intending to purchase it for?”

President Gao was stunned.

He didn’t expect Huang Yueli to ask him about the pricing the moment she spoke!

A Spiritual Armament Master was a noble profession and they had always been extremely high and mighty. Even if they wanted to talk about the pricing, they wouldn’t say it out so directly!

But he didn’t expect Huang Yueli to not avoid any taboo and just ask directly, then stared at him and waited for his reply.

President Gao came back to his senses and hurriedly replied, “This… one piece of ordinary standardized low leveled Spirit Armament costs about 10 thousand high grade cwstal jades. But Young Master Li’s Spirit Armaments are invaluable. If you sell it to a practitioner, you can sell at least 100 thousand high grade cwstal jades. We’ll go according to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s market rate and purchase it at double the price, one Spirit Armament for 200 thousand high grade crystal jades. I will take all the Spirit Armaments that you have. Do you think.. this is reasonable?”

Huang Yueli blinked and she bemoaned inwardly.

She recalled that just a month ago when she arrived at Flame Square City, the inn’s waiter told her that activating the teleportation array required 100 thousand high grade crystal jades. Back then, she only had a few hundred medium grade crystal jades in her pocket so that was an exorbitant price to her.

She didn’t expect to be able to sell her Spirit Armaments at this Idnd of pricing in such a short time.

Refining a Spirit Armament would take a maximum of two to three days but the number of crystal jades that she could sell at was sufficient to activate the teleportation array twice!

Grandmaster Xiao was listening to them and when he saw Huang Yueli not speaking, he assumed that she was still hesitating. Hence he advised, “Young Master Li, these Spirit Armaments might be sold to Sky Gem Glass Chamber, but without your armament refining method, the amount of knowledge ordinary people can learn from just looking is very limited. It’s impossible to copy the entire method. Moreover, President Gao’s pricing is considered fair. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can get him to raise the pricing a little!”

Grandmaster Xiao took a look at President Gao.

He immediately reciprocated and nodded his head as he said, “That’s right. I can offer 250 thousand high grade crystal jades a piece. Young Master Li, what do you think?”

He raised the price within such a short amount of time. It seemed that the Sky Gem Glass Chamber was really wealthy!

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards and she said, “l also intend to sell the Spirit Armaments to get some traveling expenses. Since President Gao has offered such a good price, it will save me the hassle of going to the auction house to do the trading. I’ll sell all the Spirit Armaments that I’ve recently refined to you then!”

As she spoke, she took out all the Spiritual Armament that she had refined within the past month and lined it up on the ground

She also knew that Sky Gem Glass Chamber was extremely wealthy. If she wanted to raise the price, she might be able to sell it at an even higher price.