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Chapter 2953: Sky Devil Blood Ring (3)

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The Monster race had always maintained a neutral relationship with the human race and demon tribe.

When the human race had the upper hand, the monster race would have a close relationship with the human race. When the demon tribe’s ability was advantageous, they would lean towards the demon tribe.

Until now, the human race and demon tribe were still engaged in war. Many continent’s boundaries were battling the demon tribe.

The twelve ancient God clans in God Realm bore their grudges since ancient times. They would only be united when they were fighting against the demons.

As humans were protected by the God clans, they were willing to submit to them.

As for the positions of the twelve god clans, they would be gauged based on their merits on the battlefield against the demon tribe.

Cloudy Qilin clan’s territory was closer to the demon tribe so they were frequently engaged in battle. There were many brilliant feats that the clan’s strong exponents had achieved, hence their position in God Ream was extremely revered.

This situation was something that everyone knew in God Realm

When Huang Yueli was in the inheritance tower, she had once heard Huang Zixiao mentioning this. When she arrived in God Realm, she had a bit of understanding of it and was clear on the current situation.

But when she was in Soaring Heavens Continent, she had not seen any demons.

Even if she had arrived in God Realm, she had always been in relatively safe zones. Until now, she had yet to meet a genuine demon, nor did she come across any scenes where both tribes were engaged in battle, so it didn’t feel real at all.

It was until now that when she heard Grandmaster Bai saying these when Huang Yueli realized that the Sky Devil Blood Ring that Grandmaster Xiao had gifted to her was an extremely incredible piece of treasure!

When practitioners went into battle, they would only use their eyes to check out the enemýs situation. Powerful practitioners could use their soul trace to cover an area of ten miles to find out about the distribution scenario.

Huang Yueli’s ability wasn’t considered high in God Realm, so if she were to meet with any demon tribe’s top exponents, there would be no way for her to hide.

But if she had this Sky Devil Blood Ring with her, the situation would be different!

This ring was a priceless treasure to practitioners who were fighting in the war zone!

No wonder Grandmaster Bai was so shocked when Grandmaster Xiao gave it to her as a gift.

“It’s so incredible! Wouldn’t that mean that I would become invisible when I stand on the battlefield with the demons?” Huang Yueli gasped in surprise.

Grandmaster Xiao shook his head when he heard that. invisible? How could it be that easy? It’s just that they can’t use their soul trace to find you. But if the other party is standing at a close distance whereby they can see you with the naked eye, you will still be exposed. But when I was refining the ring, I’ve encased an invisibility energy field within. As long as you are at a distance of ten meters or more from the demons, you will be invisible. But during that period of invisibility, you can’t use any Profound Energy. Once there is any Profound Energy fluctuation, the invisibility effect would be lost.”

Huang Yueli was surprisingly happy when she heard that. At the same time , she was astounded by Grandmaster Xiao’s powerful armament refining abilities!

It was extremely difficult for someone to remain invisible in front of their opponents whose power surpasses themselves.

Generally speaking, the prerequisite for the invisibility array and Profound

Armament to come into effect was for the person who was using the armament to have the power of the opponent’s level!

But this Sky Devil Blood Ring could allow her to remain invisible in front of high leveled demons.

The only sad fact was it had no effect on human practitioners…

Hearing their conversation, Grandmaster Bai asked with a pained expression,

“Grandmaster Xiao, you really.. why must you give the Sky Devil Blood Ring to

Young Master Li? You can just give him any other Treasure Armament!”