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Chapter 2954: Sky Devil Blood Ring (4)

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“He’s not a practitioner and he probably wouldn’t be on the battlefield. If the Sky Devil Blood Ring is worn by a Life Profound Realm practitioner, who knows how many demons that practitioner might be able to kill! Giving it to him is such a waste!”

Hearing Grandmaster Bai’s grieving, Huang Yueli also hesitated for a moment.

“Grandmaster Xiao, this ring is simply too valuable. If you wish to give me a keepsake, some other Treasure Armament is alright as well.’

Grandmaster Bai nodded his head furiously as he took a gratified glance at Huang Yueli, thinking that he had great foresight. ‘This young man indeed has a good sense of the overall picture.”

However, Grandmaster Xiao firmly shook his head. “In God Realm, no one dares to say that they would never meet with the demons. So as a safety precaution, you’d better keep this Sky Devil Blood Ring uñth you. Your life to the human race is very important. Based on your armament refining innate talent, you will definitely become a top rated Sky Gem Grandmaster in the future , and your contributions are no lesser than Life Profound Realm practitioners!”

Although Sky Gem Grandmasters do not fight on the battlefield, the various Spirit Armaments that they manufacture would save numerous practitioners’ lives.

They could also manufacture lethal large -sized mechanisms which could sometimes become the crux of deciding which side would win the battle.

Grandmaster Xiao believed that Huang Yueli would do well, hence he was very worried that she might have an early death during the process of experience learning.

After all, Grandmaster Xiao didn’t know Huang Yueli’s innate talent in terms of cultivation so he assumed that she was the same as many other Sky Gem Grandmasters. The battle power was almost similar to the same leveled practitioners.

With the Sky Devil Blood Ring, at least she would be able to save her own life if she ever met with the demon tribe.

As for the human race, they would generally not find trouble uith a Spiritual Armament Master.

In this way, Huang Yeuli was basically safe without any worries.

Huang Yueli could tell that Grandmaster Xiao wanted to protect the talents hence she didn’t reject it any longer and accepted the Sky Devil Blood Ring.

She wasn’t just a Spiritual Armament Master, but also a practitioner who god grade innate talent. If she had to fight with the demon tribe in the future which probably could not be avoided, perhaps this ring might be extremely useful!

Huang Yueli kept thanking Grandmaster Xiao.

He smiled and said, Treasure Armament is just a physical possession. If you are really thankful to me, you must come and examine my Spirit Armament when I refine even better Treasure Armaments. I am living in Empyrean Fox Continent, Medial Arch City. By then, if you have invented any new armament refining skills , we can share the information again.

Grandmaster Xiao had already put it in this way so Huang Yueli naturally couldn’t reject his request.

She repeatedly agreed to it and stood up to bid farewell.

When she walked to the entrance of the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, President Gao suddenly popped out from nowhere and called out to her.

“Wait, wait a minute! Young Master Li, I have a favor to ask.w” President Gao hesitated to continue with his sentence.

Huang Yueli blinked and asked puzzledly, “President Gao, you…”

He hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth to speak, ‘Well, it’s like this. Young Master Li, the Spirit Armaments that you refined uses a special method and many of our Spiritual Armament Masters in the Chamber are very interested. But our power of comprehension isn’t as high as Grandmaster Xiao. Just based on those few hours previously, we totally can’t tell the mystery of it at all. If it’s possible, can I ask you if you’re willing to sell your Spirit Armaments to the Sky Gem Glass Chamber..

Huang Yueli’s brows lifted in astonishment.

President Gao had been paying attention to her expression and when he saw that, he thought that she was unhappy. So he quickly added in, “After we have purchased the Spirit Armament, we will keep it within Flame Square City’s Sky Gem Glass Chamber and ¼ill absolutely not allow it to be on loan. Nor uñll we disassemble the Spirit Armament! Please don’t worry about it! Of course, if you’re really unwilling. “