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Chapter 2926: One Month Later (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations

Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

As though the person who killed a high tiered spirit beast wasn’t him at all.

Hearing the guards gasping in surprise, he swept a glance at the Blonde Condor’s dead body and instructed, “Settle the corpse!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Actually, Li Tian Yi and the others had already started to work on it before he instructed.

Every single part of the high tiered Spirit Beast like the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor was precious. A piece of tail feather or a bottle of blood was all high tiered materials that were hard to come by. It could be used for refining armaments or medicinal pills.

The guards started to work on it while Li Moying lowered his head. Looking at the weapon in his hand, he frowned slightly.

The long sword in his hand had already broken into two when he fought against the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor earlier!

As the only god grade genius in the clan, Cloudy Qilin clan wasn’t stingy to him at all. The long sword in his hand was a genuine mid grade Treasure Armament.

This was something that the Elders were allowed to use in ancient god clans. It was difficult for ordinary forces’ Dao Profound Realm practitioners to get one, not to mention Heart Profound Realm practitioners. As for the other people, even if they sold everything they had, they wouldn’t be able to afford a single piece of standard grade Treasure Armament at all.

Luckily, he had this invincible weapon with him today, which enabled him to kill the Fissure Plume Blonde Condor successfully.

Seeing Li Moying go into a trance, Li Tian Yi thought that he was feeling the heartache to damage the Treasure Armament So he quickly advised, “Young Master Moying, it’s just a mid grade Treasure Armament. It might be valuable but to a large clan like us, the Cloudy Qilin clan, it’s not worth mentioning at all! Instead, you are Cloudy Qilin clan’s greatest fortune. Damaging one Treasure Armament is nothing, as long as it can save your life. Even if it takes one hundred or one thousand pieces, it’s all worth it!”

What Li Tian Yi said was not exaggerated at all.

Li Moying represented Cloudy Qilin clan’s fortune for the next few thousand years. If he was hurt, even slightly, it would make the entire clan uptight.

However, Li Moying’s frown didn’t ease when he heard this.

He remained silent for a moment and suddenly sighed. “I didn’t expect this. Although God Realm’s Treasure Armament power is very big, it was damaged so quickly. Back then when I was in the Lower Realm, I used my long sword for several decades and nothing happened to it at all…”

Li Moying wasn’t feeling the heartache for some mid grade Treasure Armament. But when he saw the broken sword in his hands, he suddenly recalled the past. The Profound Weapon that Huang Yueli refined for him.

In his past life, he had always used the ninth tiered Profound Weapon that was refined by Huang Yueli. But it broke during the process of his split soul.

In this lifetime, Huang Yueli gifted him with the Amethyst Light Sword and it had also broken into half during the heavenly tribulation.

It seemed like a prediction, as though each time the weapons she gave him broke, it would mean that they would be separated…

In the past, when they split up, he would keep the weapon that she gave him by his side. It seemed as though his Li’er was still accompanying him and fighting alongside him.

But now, what he could use was the weapon that the clan had assigned to him.

So what if the power was strong or the weapon grade was high?

Only his Li’er understood him the best. She knew what weapon was most suitable for him, and how it would be able to display his full power to the max!

Li Tian Yi didn’t know what Li Moying was thinking about. Seeing him go into a trance, he could only come out with some gibberish advice.

“Young Master, if you feel that the clan’s weapons aren’t suitable, you can ask the clan’s Sky Gem Grandmasters to refine one for you. The Fissure Plume Blonde Condor’s tail feather and spine are very important Treasure Armament materials. It’s just nice, we can bring this back!”