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Chapter 2915: Replace That Woman (2)

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It seemed that this beautiful Spiritual Armament Master’s identity was not ordinary, otherwise, she wouldn’t be so disrespectful to an honorable Sky Gem Grandmaster.

But this beautiful woman thought highly of that Grandmaster Xiao.

She wondered what kind of standard was this Grandmaster Xiao at. He should be a very famous Armament Grandmaster in God Realm, right?

Just as she was pondering over this, she heard Grandmaster Bai saying something.

“I didn’t expect Grandmaster Xiao’s arrival at Flame Square City to spread this fast! Quite a number of Spiritual Armaments Masters have come to visit him. Unfortunately, Grandmaster Xiao had already reminded me that I cannot reveal his whereabouts. Hence… I’m sorry that I can’t tell you anything!”

Hearing that, the beautiful woman’s brows creased together and her lips pursed slightly. She didn’t expect to be rejected!

The guard next to her couldn’t help but say, “Grandmaster Bai, do you know what identity my Lady here holds? She is different from those ordinary Spiritual Armament Masters! You’d best help to convey the message to Grandmaster Xiao. As long as my Lady can meet Grandmaster Xiao, we will offer a handsome reward for that! Otherwise…”

He said condescendingly, using both the carrot and stick approach.

But in the ears of a haughty Sky Gem Grandmaster like Grandmaster Bai, it was no different from being insulted!

Grandmaster Bai originally was rather patient but now, he was extremely furious!

He gave a loud harrumph and his mustache was blown away. “I can’t afford to take your reward! Our Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s rules have always been so. No matter what your Lady’s identity is, since she’s just a Spiritual Armament Master, she doesn’t have the right to order me around! Men, send them off!”

Saying that, Grandmaster Bai flicked his sleeves and returned to his room.

Everyone looked at one another in dismay.

The beautiful lady’s face turned pale as she looked at Grandmaster Bai’s departing figure. A glint of gloominess flashed past her eyes.

Those Spiritual Armament Masters, who were smitten with her, secretly advised, “Young Miss Le, don’t be upset. Grandmaster Bai’s temper is like this and we can’t do anything about it. There’s a chance for you to meet Grandmaster Xiao. One month later from today, Grandmaster Xiao will be giving a lecture at our Sky Gem Glass Chamber. He will also be giving a lecture on the attendees’ refined Spiritual Armaments. Just come over by then!”

Actually, this was exactly how Grandmaster Bai would reply to every Spiritual Armament Master who asked to meet Grandmaster Xiao.

Today, it was because he didn’t see eye-to-eye with Leyun, hence he didn’t tell her. Instead, he directly asked her to leave.

When Leyun heard this news, her expression turned slightly better, and left with her guards.

Even until she left, the main hall was still talking about her.

“That Spiritual Armament Master is so beautiful! Moreover, from her elegant actions, she should have been from some major force?”

“That’s right. Moreover, she looks like she’s under thirty but is already a mid rank Spiritual Armament Master. I heard that she can refine several kinds of mid grade Spirit Armaments. She’s incredible!”

“Perhaps Grandmaster Xiao would notice such an outstanding person like her!”

These people did not know what this elegant beauty with outstanding innate talent did after she walked out of Sky Gem Glass Chamber and returned to her carriage.

Once she got on the carriage, she immediately threw a cup on the floor and said ferociously, I can’t stand it. The Sky Gem Glass Chamber in Flame Square City is full of lowly humans! Moreover, those lowly fellows even dared to show me a face! How dare they stop me from meeting Grandmaster Xiao!”