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Chapter 2914: Replace That Woman (1)

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Grandmaster Bai didn’t expect himself to be rejected. His eyes widened with disbelief.

After a while, the Spiritual Armament Master standing next to him recollected his senses and jumped up in indignance. “You… you lad, how dare you! Do you know who Grandmaster Bai is? He’s a respectable and esteemed Sky Gem Grandmaster! He’s willing to take you, a Lower Realm ascender, who knows nothing as a disciple so it’s your good fortune! Yet you rejected this chance??”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly as her piercing gaze swept past the admission officer!

This God Realm’s Spiritual Armament Master had flaunted all the superiority of God Realm practitioners to the max today, trying to belittle and suppress her with various kinds of remarks.

The Spiritual Armament Master wanted to add on when he abruptly met with Huang Yueli’s gaze. His heart pounded wildly! He couldn’t continue with the rest of his sentence at all!

Not knowing why, Huang Yueli’s gaze made him turn icy cold, as though he was facing a peerless top exponent who was much stronger than him by several times! That kind who could crush him with just one finger!

But wasn’t this fellow just a Lower Realm ascender?

How could he possibly… be so strong?

Just as the Spiritual Armament Master went stiff from fright, Huang Yueli had already retracted his gaze. Then she cupped her fists towards Grandmaster Bai. “Grandmaster Bai, I really can’t stay in Flame Square City for long, so I can only offer my apologies. May I ask… may I receive the badge for Spiritual Armament apprentice now?”

“Huh? Oh, oh… right, this is your badge.”

Grandmaster Bai also sensed that Huang Yueli seemed to have changed into another person, which made a knowledgeable and experienced man like him feel chilly.

But that was just something that flashed past in an instance. It only took a blink of an eye and Huang Yueli resumed back to her normal self. Hence Grandmaster Bai thought he had developed a hallucination.

Hearing Huang Yueli’s words, he regained his senses and picked up a badge from the table. Then he passed it to her.

“That’s such a pity. Based on your innate talent, if you learn the methods of refining a Spiritual Armament properly, there is a sliver of hope for you to become a Sky Gem Grandmaster! Since you are so sure that this isn’t your calling, I will not force you. Here, this is your badge. Keep it properly!”

Huang Yueli took the badge, gave her thanks, and prepared to leave. Just then she heard a knock from the door.

“What’s the matter?” Grandmaster Bai asked.

The person who knocked was a mid grade Spiritual Armament Master who was dressed in a white robe. He came in and spoke in a low voice, “Grandmaster Bai, there’s a foreign Spiritual Armament Master who’d like to meet with Grandmaster Xiao. We’ve tried to explain several times that Grandmaster Xiao isn’t here but she refuses to leave. What do you think…”

“Oh? Really?”

Grandmaster Bai frowned. He pondered for a moment then stood up and left the room.

Huang Yueli followed behind him and silently walked out.

The beautiful Spiritual Armament Master at the reception hall was still there, and there were many young Spiritual Armament Masters and apprentices around her.

On seeing Grandmaster Bai coming out, the beautiful Spiritual Armament Master turned around and casually cupped her fists at him. “I believe you are Grandmaster Bai. I’ve heard of your name! I am Leyun and happened to pass by this place during my experience learning. I heard that Grandmaster Xiao is currently in Flame Square City as a guest and I’d like to ask him for some pointers. So will Grandmaster Bai please help to link us up?”

Hearing her speak, Huang Yueli’s brows lifted slightly.

All the Spiritual Armament Masters in Flame Square City’s Sky Gem Glass Chamber spoke to Grandmaster Bai respectfully.

But that beautiful woman’s attitude was very stuck up.. Apparently, she didn’t show any respect to Grandmaster Bai at all.